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13 Nov 2023 - November Proofs 2023

VikingBeef Top Bulls

VB Baloo

Aberdeen Angus

This very good-looking Aberdeen Angus bull, VB Baloo, has just received his full NBDI indices and has become a very complete Angus bull for Beef on Dairy.

He has a highly dependable index of 109 for Calving Ease with a reliability of 92, a Daily Carcass Gain index of 95 across all breeds, and a very impressive 117 for Youngstock Survival.

He has been progeny tested in Denmark and Sweden and has more than 1600 calves so far, and the data collection to ensure his indices continue to be more reliable with every calf born.

He is available with conventional semen and limited amounts of sexed semen.

VB Baloo is bred in Sweden by Davidstorp Angus.

NAV Bull profile
VikingBeef Bull Aberdeen Angus VB Baloo

VB Stare

(Halky x Tornado)

Danish Blue

This young Danish Blue bull went straight to the top when it comes to Calving Ease, with an impressive index of 109 across all breeds. His pedigree also stacks up sires with very good easy calving, as he is sired by Halky, and his maternal grandsire is Tornado.

VB Stare will be a very interesting bull to follow in the future, and we look forward to seeing more of his calves.

He is available with conventional and sexed semen.

VB Stare is bred in Denmark by Britta Pedersen.

NAV Bull profile
VikingBeef Bull Danish Belgian Blue VB Stare

VB Royal

(Golden x Elan)

NBDI +23, long

Danish Blue

VB Royal is one of our very promising Danish Blue bulls. He was sired by Golden and maternal grandsire Elan.

He just received his first full indices and went directly into the top 3 for Danish Blue sires in the Nordic Beef on Dairy Index (NBDI).

With an index of 102 for Calving Ease on dairy cows, 122 for Growth, and an impressive 130 for Youngstock Survival, he will have a bright future as a top beef bull!

Currently, he has nearly 500 crossbred calves on Holstein, Red and Jersey cows in Denmark. As the data collection continues, his indices will become even more reliable.

VB Royal is bred in Denmark by Alf Thomsen.

NAV Bull profile
VikingBeef Bull Danish Belgian Blue VB Royal

Meet the top VikingBeef bulls

Join Breeding Manager Reni Hvam Nielsen at the bull barn in Denmark as she presents the top sires from VikingBeef.


💎 VB Royal – Danish Blue

💎 VB Baloo – Aberdeen Angus

💎 VB Stare – Danish Blue

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