"I'm not gambling anymore" 

Aidan Deasy changed his mind about the course of his dairy business because he was not having the success he was expecting. The shift in strategy came into place two years ago when he started to inseminate his Holstein herd with Viking Genetics. He is now looking forward to putting in his next Viking order to reach the breeding goals he is looking for in his herd. “The next step for me is producing the “invisible cow,” that’s my aim, and I don´t care what colour it is, as long as it has the main traits”, he states.
Deasy stresses the fact that healthy cows are a synonym for a productive farm. “Health traits are the biggest thing really, I´m happy with my production. I have commercial kind of herd, so I am not gambling anymore, I am going for the safest option”, the owner of Ballyheada Farm in Cork, Ireland says.

Operating on a grass-based system, feet and legs as well as hoof health, are traits that Aidan looks at when choosing the sires. Although his plans dosnt end here; with a Holstein herd with 180 cows, Aidan is now looking closer to the traits that can make possible to have cows suitable for his milking robots. “The cows I´m breeding now must be robot friendly and that is where we are moving to, more efficiency”, he says.
Aidan has three milking robots with an ABC plan, designed to operate on a grass-based system. This kind of milking system was introduced in Ireland in the last number of years, and therefore farmers such as Aidan Deasy sees a winning match between the machine and the robot-suitable-cows.

Viking Genetics has the perfect tool to make this possible, VikRank where dairymen can select RoboVik which is the mating tool that helps find bulls that give daughters suited to be milked by robots. A bonus is given to those bulls breeding increased fat and protein components in the milk. Also, udder balance and distance between rear teats are taken into account in this mating tool.

When I am putting in my order the one thing I am looking forward to is improving my cow type so that they suit the robot system”, he says

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