ProCROSS at the top of the list to improve a successful organic farm in Germany

Peter Michael and Eike Thomsen are a German couple with four kids that are very excited to write a new chapter for their successful organic farm. Eike said they have been interested in starting to crossbreed their Red and Black Holstein cows at the Thomsen Organic Farm, which is located in Flensburg close to the German-Danish border. 
They said great opportunities don’t come every day, and that’s why it is essential to recognize them. They found this great opportunity to enhance their farm by using ProCROSS; Eike comments that, recently they decided to buy semen from VikingRed and start the ProCROSS three breed cycle. 

“We have just bought 60 doses of VikingRed, and we are very excited to start to do the ProCROSS programme”, she said. 

Farming close to Denmark in a total of 120 ha, they could see and evaluate some ProCROSS farms that have been excellent references when it comes to high-quality health and production;  something that the German couple recognizes as key factors for their dairy business. 

“We are an organic farm and it is important to us to improve the health of the herd. For us, excellent hoof health is a fundamental thing, if they are not able to walk then they are not able to eat and produce”, Peter Michael, states. 

The Thomsen family trust in the new generation of cows they want to design hand by hand with ProCROSS. “We are hoping that the calves will have more vitally, that they will be stronger,” he says. “We are delighted with what we see here,” Eike added while in a ProCROSS tour in the south of Sweden that included VikingRed high-performance herds. 

VikingRed is one of the three breeds that conforms ProCROSS. Montbeliarde and VikingHolstein complement the circle where high heterosis, the opposite to inbreeding depression, is a bonus the farmers get when initiating to use the system. 
The organic production on the farm of the Thomsen family is focused on the dairy industry. 

The herd performance is about 9,000 kilograms per cow and that with a fat content of 3.90% and 3.40% protein. They have 100 milking cows.

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