A cross with the best - VJ Messi

Leonel x VJ Hjern x DJ Hulk
gNTM +19

VJ Messi is out of ”Hoeholt Hjern Hjoerri”, bred in the Hoeholt Jersey herd in Denmark. The herd has bred a number of excellent bulls for the VikingJersey program over the last years. Just to mention a few: VJ James, VJ Hjorri and VJ Luluk.

The sire of VJ Messi is the American bull Faria Brothers Leonel-ET. Maternal Grand Sire, VJ Hjern, is a Q Hirse out of a Q Handix. The dam of VJ Messi, Hoeholt Hjern Hjoerri, has just ended her first lactation with sky-high components: 7.38% fat and 4.83% protein. Also the ma-ternal grand was at an exceptional level, with 6,75% and 4.64%. 

VJ Messi will breed high production of solids, long-living and healthy cows. Daughters will be tall and with exceptionally good rear udders. VJ Messi is an ideal cross with US and Danish Jersey genetics. He will work well in combination with all pedigrees except from those with Leonel and DJ Hulk genes. 

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