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Former top genomic bulls are now among the highest ranking of all Jersey bulls

The genomic system proofs itself, when former top genomic bulls, like VJ Huzar and VJ Janko now are among the very best Viking Jersey bulls – as highly reliable daughter proven.
VJ Janko is in the lead with NTM +26, based on 417 milking daughters and 210 classified. VJ Janko is one of the breed’s best bulls for both F & L and for Hoof Health. Also udder health, longevity, rear udder height, ligament and udder depth are among his many positive trademarks. 

VJ Huzar is very close with NTM +25, based on 144 milking daughters and 96 classified. VJ Huzar breeds super mammary, fore udder attachment, rear udder height and width as well as udder depth are among the breed’s best. VJ Huzar also breeds excellent fertility, udder health and longevity.
VJ Huzar (left) and VJ Huzar daughter no 35582-6221 from Alstrup IS, Brønderslev
Genomic bulls

Among the bulls topping the hit list, there is a good balanced pedigree distribution. First sons of VJ Hazard (VJ Hickey x DJ Izzy), VJ Guide (VJ Gulf x DJ Jason) and VJ Stitz (VJ Zummit x DJ May) are now available. 

VJ Quintana is still topping the genomic hit list, followed by VJ Klov and the new VJ Hazard son VJ Hero (out of a VJ Joker daughter).

VJ Quintana was our bull of the month in June 2017
New bulls entering AI

This month, six new bulls were contracted. Five are ET bull calves and four are out of VG owned donors. 

Genetic level is high on these youngsters. Average NTM is +24 (21–27) and all have different sires and some will be out cross to main stream VikingJersey genetics.

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