Viking bulls do well in zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is well known African agricultural country. The most important plants are potatoes, tobacco and maize. The country has more than 20,000 dairy cows. Milk production is not high enough for the population but it seems there is a slight increase for dairy business. Holstein is the main breed but there are also Jerseys and Red cows in the country. Crossbreeding is very common and it works well.
Our export manager Seppo Niskanen (not in the picture)  from Finland and our Head of Business Development David Ravnkilde (third form the left) from Denmark visited Bhara Bhara herd in Zimbabwe.  
Bhara Bhara is biggest dairy herd in the country and has the highest production. Ajs Kirk, who is also the distributor for VikingGenetics, owns the herd. Ajs milks about 600 cows in his herd. All the cows are crossbred animals. Ajs uses VikingHolsteins and VikingRed bulls and tries to find the best combinations. “Crossbreeding works very well in this country. We want productive, healthy and fertile cows and during the years with crossbreeding we have had very good results.”

Farm tour of the Bhara Bhara farm. 
Ajs talks a lot of good management of youngstock. Besides good genetics, he wants calves to have good conditions and feeding so that they can grow well and start milk production in the age of two years. Besides milking, Ajs and his company have developed different kinds of management and feeding systems for calves and these are sold in many African countries. The best known is MARS (Mobile Animal Rearing System). These are movable pens where calves have a clean area every day where to eat, drink, rest and play with other calves.

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