New study: Procross benefits all management levels

15,000 crossbred cows and 103,300 pure Holstein on a new study that support the benefits of ProCROSS on all management levels

The great amount of information in the National Data Base for the dairy cattle in Denmark made it possible to compare and analysis 14,832 crossbred cows (with a VikingRed sire and a Holstein dam) with 103,307 purebred Holstein cows.

The newest study was made by SEGES (Institute for research and development of projects for the Agricultural sector in Denmark) along with the Aarhus University, in Foulum, Denmark. The analysis concludes that crossbreeding cows with a VikingRed sire and a Holstein dam will have a higher fat yield, a higher fertility, less mastitis, less calving difficulties and less stillborn than purebred Holstein cows. 
“This study will be a cornerstone to understand the logic behind the crossbreeding program ProCROSS. With a huge amount of data behind the study, we can definitely rely on the fact that we have a strong crossbreeding program where VikingRed is a vital element to success”, Sara Wiklert Petersson, Head of Sales at VikingGenetics, states.
The study confirms positive effect with crossbreeding for fertility, health, and production on all management levels. 425 Danish herds participated in the analysis; they were divided into three levels (high, average and low) by the 305-day yield of fat + protein in the first lactation.
“This is the first time a huge amount of information regarding crossbreeding is analyzed. What we think is fantastic about having this unique registration system is that supports and gives high-level of reliability to our breeding programs”, Wiklert Petersson emphasizes.

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