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Daughter proven VJ Huzar is challenging VJ Quintana

VJ Huzar and VJ Quintana are both at +25 NTM. Both bulls are extremely popular as they breed progress for nearly all traits. VJ Quitana has been used heavily over the last nine months in our home markets, and he was also in high demand in many other countries. Now VJ Huzar is going to join into the league of top VikingJersey bulls.  
VJ Huzar started his career as a young genomic sire back in 2014. VikingGenetics bought two sons of him, of which VJ Huus (VJ Huzar x VJ Husky) was following the father in being among the most used bulls last year, with gNTM +20. Now VJ Huzar has 300 daughters proving him to be one of our best bulls with NTM +25. He breeds daughters with high percentages, super fertility, good udder health, nice type and exceptional udders.
We have a good stock of VJ Huzar doses that are ready to be delivered to dairy farms all over the world to breed the future generations of cows.
VJ Huzar is also tested in US, with very good result: US proof, Nov, 2017: 431 NM$, 132 JPI and +3.3 DPR!
VJ Quintana NTM +25 is one of our most popular VikingJersey bulls
Genomic bulls

Among the bulls in top of the hit list, there is a good balanced pedigree distribution. First sons of VJ Lago (VJ Land x DJ Jason), VJ Guide (VJ Gulf x DJ Jason) and Axis (Valentino x Avery Addie) are now available. VJ Asure (Axis x VJ Lure) is an example of bulls bred to ensure diversity. Another top-performing genomic sire is VJ Samson (VJ Hove x Irwin). All a mix of Danish and American genes.
Genetic level on the top bulls is very high. 

VJ Samson gNTM +19

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