VikingDefence™ - WHO World Antibiotic Awareness Week 13.-19.11.2017

Yesterday, the World Health Organization started World Antibiotic Awareness Week. The whole world is turning its eyes to the issue of the rising use of antibiotics. Only with joint efforts on a global scale, we can tackle this problem and avoid the excess and vain use of antibiotics. Rising usage of antibiotics leads to more bacteria that are medicine resistant and the treatment of different illnesses becomes harder. 

Preserving the effectiveness of antibiotics is crucial. Animal health is not only a key component of animal welfare but it is of high importance for ensuring efficient production. Diseases cause more than 20% of animal production losses globally. Moreover, the world has to address the challenge of ensuring food security and satisfy the growing demand for proteins to support the growing population globally. By 2050, more than 70% additional animal proteins are necessary to feed the world. Finally yet importantly, it is crucial to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics to secure good public health worldwide.

Most antibiotics used in animals are deemed medically important for humans – 31 out of 41 antibiotics that are approved by the FDA are for use in food producing animals. That corresponds to 75%. As more than 60% of human pathogens are of animal origin, it is crucial to preserve the efficacy of antibiotics. More than 100 academic studies have found evidence of a link between antibiotic consumption in animals and resistance in humans.
The precise quantity of antimicrobials used in food production globally is difficult to estimate, but the data suggests that it is at least as great as the amount used by humans. Indeed, in some parts of the world antimicrobial use is far greater in animals than in humans; in the US, for example, more than 70% of medically important antibiotics are used in animals. 

Animal health in food production plays a major role in reducing the amount of antibiotics in our food products. At a time of global growing demand to reduce the use of antibiotics in the dairy cattle industry when antibiotic resistance is rising, VikingDefenceTM is our solution to address this pressing problem.

Source: Review on antimicrobial resistance report, December 2015 & Responsible and prudent use of antibiotics in animals by World Organization for Animal Health.

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