Interbull Evaluations December 2017

In December 2017 Interbull released the new breeding evaluations. Interbull lists confirm the outstanding genetic level for VikingHolstein, VikingRed and VikingJersey.
The International Bull Evaluation Service (Interbull) is a permanent subcommittee of the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR). Interbull is the worldwide network providing genetic information services for improvement of livestock.


The International Bull Evaluation Service shows an excellent performance for Holstein bulls from Denmark, Sweden and Finland in comparison with bulls from the rest of the world. VikingGenetics bulls are the top performers in Udder Health, Fertility & Yield for daughter-proven bulls (born in 2010 or later).

The Nordic countries have managed to have high yield in combination with superior health. Udder health and daughter fertility as well as high producing cows are at the heart of the breeding goal of the dairymen in Scandinavia.

VikingHolstein breed statistics for production for 305-days is something to be proud of. Average for production is 10,188 kg milk, 3.97% fat and 3.35% protein. VikingHolstein has an excellent level of udder health with a low average of clinical mastitis (11.9%). Clinical mastitis is the most common clinical disease in modern dairy business around the world.

Red Dairy Cattle

The Interbull list has placed the Nordic countries at the top of the list when it comes to production yield, udder health and daughter fertility. This ranking is for Red Dairy Cattle (RDC) daughter proven bulls born in 2010 or later.

According to the data, VikingRed bulls are the most profitable choice among Red Dairy Cattle in the world, not only because of their superior health but also their excellent production numbers which are at the top: VikingRed average for production (305-days) is 9,040 kg milk, 4.37% fat and 3.48% protein. 

Besides, VikingRed cows have outstanding udder health with only 7% of clinical mastitis in average for VikingRed cows in Sweden, Finland and Denmark.


The data compiled by Interbull shows the excellent genetic level for Jersey bulls from Denmark. Udder Health, Fertility and Yield for daughter-proven bulls born in 2010 or later, were compared with other Jersey populations showing that VikingJersey is the best option to breed healthy and productive jersey cows.

The Nordic countries have a high production in combination with superior udder health and daughter fertility for VikingJersey cows. VikingJersey average for production (365-days) is 7,320 kg milk (9,520 kg milk ECM), 5.97% fat and 4.19% protein. 

VikingJersey is at the top of the Jersey population when it comes to udder health with average 14.8% of clinical mastitis for VikingJersey cows in Denmark.
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