Latest scientific information at the Danish Cattle Conference 2018 

Monday and Tuesday this week the Danish Cattle Conference 2018 took place in MCH Herning Kongrescenter in Herning, Denmark, around 2000 people participated on the conference. This is an annual event offering the latest scientific information from the global cattle breeding industry on topics like health, finance, feed and management to rearing calves and beef breeds. 

Morten Kargo from SEGES (Agricultural and Food Independent Institute in Denmark) explained in details the value of the genomic test on cattle breeding not only because it's crucial to improve the selection base for VikingGenetics, but also a basic management tool for top herds. 

Evening Meetings

VikingRed breed group had presentations on the following topics; The costs of culling heifers and VikingLivestock future. A dairy farmer couple gave convincing examples and proved that it is possible to cull a very small volume of heifers, therefore reducing the culling costs.
Furthermore, The Project Manager of VikingLivestock, Hielke Wiersma, talked about forecasted opportunities for the VikingLivestock project.

Presentation from VikingRed evening meeting.
In their evening meeting, VikingJersey breed group had three sessions. The first one was about heifer rearing and its value. For the second one, the topic was “hidden electricity” in the barn and how to protect the animals from electric shocks – an increasing challenge in new facilities heavily loaded with electronics. The meeting finished off with a session of three herd owners showing their presence on social media and how they use them in a positive and targeted way. 
Adelgaard Jersey presenting their presence on social media at the VikingJersey evening meeting.
For the Holstein breed group, the focus of the discussion was on hoof health and the export of heifers.

In connection with the evening meetings, the beef breed groups had their annual meeting and awarded the “Breeder of the Year” for the beef breeds included in the VikingBeefBreed programme.

Peter Larson, VikingJersey breed manager, held a presentation about cross breeding.  He gave an updated presentation about the advantages VikingJersey has also as a crossbreed. Larson inspires breeders to include VikingJersey in their cross breeding programmes.

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