“VikingGenetics offers solutions that farmers consider optimal”

Anna Adamczuk is Head of the Genetics Department at P.H. Konrad in Lomza, the leading importer and distributor of bovine semen in Poland. 
Adamczuk is a hardworking manager with a perceptive view of the cattle breeding industry and with the skills to be a leader in this field. From her office at P.H. Konrad in Lomza, Adamczuk heads marketing strategies, supervises the sales team, and looks after special customers. Above all, she is a key person in the organisation and is especially keen to build long-term relationship with customers.

Adamczuk has both a law degree and MBA, but has spent her career close to the countryside, cows and farmers. “I like to spend time with farmers and people from villages. I think farmers are special people and find them very open. It’s a pleasure spending time with them,” she says.  

Last summer, Adamczuk attended the Livestock Expo “Landsskuet” in Denmark, that is organised by VikingDenmark, owner of VikingGenetics. The Expo is a perfect platform for Viking-Genetics to showcase its unique breeding program to farmers from around the world. 

“This kind of event makes a very good impression and sums up what VikingGenetics stands for,” Adamczuk says and refers to the VG breeding program that focuses on health traits to enhance herd profitability. “Visiting farms and being able to see the cows is much appreciated by our farmers,” she adds. Adamczuk headed and acted as English to Polish interpreter to a group of some 40 Polish dairymen. The company for whom she works has a very clear plan for the immediate future. “We aim to expand our position on the Polish market and forge closer cooperation with VikingGenetics because most if not all farmers in Poland are experiencing problems with their cows, and VikingGenetics offers solutions that farmers consider optimal,” she says. 
Why are genetics important for farmers? Genetics is one of the key issues for success which means it is very important to farmers. Using the best genetics together with good farm management genuinely pays off for the farmer. 

What is your view of genetic advances in the cattle-breeding field? “I have been in the genetics business for 15 years. During this time, many “revolutionary” things have happened, such as sexed semen and genomic selection. Health traits are very important right now and will become even more important in the future. Having healthy cows means fewer problems and lower costs for farmers. That is what they are looking for.

What do you think is the best thing about genetics from VikingGenetics? 
VikingGenetics offers a unique concept to farmers. NTM is a very well-balanced index where milk production, health & fertility plus conformation, are accorded the correct importance. Inbreeding is one of the biggest issues these days. It is great that you can find different bloodlines in huge range of VikingGenetics bulls.

What genetic traits do farmers in Poland look for? 
Polish farmers still need to improve dairy conformation of cows and they look for good Feet & Legs and Udder indices. The next is Fertility. However, more and more farmers realise that health is also very important. This is the result of a long-term “educational campaign” we have run together with VikingGenetics in Poland. 

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