Denmark's top three high-producing herds - Lars remme

Meet Lars Remme - owner of the highest yielding organic herd in Denmark.

What is your focus when breeding?

After building a new barn with cubicles in 2000, I no longer need to worry about feet and legs – the cubicles have been the solution and a good investment. Instead, I can focus on reaching high production and general health and udder health. I would like to have cows that can take care of themselves –invisible cows. In addition, I go after cows that do not grow too big – I breed to get them a bit smaller because they have started to take up too much space in the milking barn.

How can VikingGenetics make a difference in your herd?

VikingGenetics equals good genetics. The cows we have today are so much better than the cows we had 10 years ago. Breeding work has developed massively and this good development should preferably continue.

Being a highest producing herd – what challenges do you see when it comes to reproduction?

Cow reproduction caused me some trouble last year. I had many cystic cows, but reproduction varies a lot in this herd from year to year. I might add that I do give my cows more chances to reproduce than most dairy farmers would. I serviced one of my very good cows 13 times, and of course this will decrease the total reproduction figures for my herd.

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