Udo Carstensen to head VikingGenetics Deutschland in Germany

“Cattle breeding is in my blood”

VikingGenetics is pleased to announce that Udo Carstensen has joined the VikingGenetics team as head of VikingGenetics Deutschland (VGDE).

Raised on a dairy farm in the north of Germany, Carstensen not only brings knowledge but also passion in breeding for healthy and high producing cows. Carstensen is extremely familiar with genetics from Viking, having been striving to achieve profitable cows since his younger years in charge of his parents’ dairy farm. 
“Before I went into sales, I was a dairy farmer and used a lot of VikingRed semen; Peterslund was one of my favourite bulls. I inseminated the cows myself. I preferred being in the barn with my cattle than driving a tractor in the fields. Cattle breeding is in my blood,” he says.

His journey as a salesperson for an Artificial Insemination (AI) company in Germany took him to California, France and The Netherlands where he learned more about the ProCROSS system - the only scientifically proven crossbreeding concept in the world.

“It was a real revelation getting to know how ProCROSS can help farmers achieve more success,” he says.
Carstensen is tasked with promoting and growing the market share for VikingHolstein, VikingRed, and ProCROSS. “For me, it’s my duty to advise farmers in breeding for healthy cows with high production. I prefer cows with low costs and high revenue. At VikingGenetics, I have the best solutions to achieve this kind of cow,” he adds.

“I love listening to what farmers need. By asking them what is most important for them when breeding, most say that they want an easy cow where high solids are appreciated. Knowing the answers and showing them that we at VikingGenetics breed for what truly matters, makes me very happy and proud.”

His passion for livestock doesn’t end with dairy cattle. His wife takes care of 20 horses and he helps out in his spare time. He has an eight-year-old son. 

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