Lithuanian visitors at VikingGenetics

Few weeks ago we hosted a group of Lithuanian visitors to Denmark. The farmers and sales people from our distributor Gameta heard about VikingGenetics and our breeding program and philosophy. In Lithuania there are about 300,000 dairy cows, both Holsteins and reds, and VikingGenetic’s bulls have been used there for a long time. Crossbreeding is more and more popular nowadays and VikingGenetics’ bulls do very well in that.
The Lithuanian group visited the head office in Assentoft with the export manager Seppo Niskanen (left).
Of course, there were visits to Danish farms. On the visit to Jakob Gade’s herd the Lithuanians saw lot of beautiful VikingRed cows and bull dams. One of the high-ranking VikingRed bulls, VR Wild, gNTM +36, comes from this herd. In one the photo below Jakob shows from his cell phone the pedigree of the bull calf who is waiting the genomic test result if he is good enough for the next top bull!
VikingRed breeder Jacob Gade with his cows and Lithuanian visitors.
Jacob Gade tells about his cows and Viking Red breed for Lithuanians.
Jacob Gade tells about the milking system for Lithuanian visitors.
Jacob Gade shows the pedigree of the bull calf who is waiting for the genomic test result for the Lithuanians. Perhaps the next top VikingRed bull?
The group visited also Gaardsted Höjgaard Holstein herd. There they saw very nice Holstein cows with extremely high production. The only red cow was standing in the front of the barn!
In Gaardsted Höjgaard Holstein farm the owner Jens presented the only Red cow of the herd for the Lithuanian group.

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