Successful International Milk Seminar in Colombia 

Last week VikingGenetics participated in an International Milk Seminar organized by Cooperative Colanta in Medellín, Colombia. Colanta is VikingGenetics’ distributor and the main Agricultural Cooperative in Colombia.
The International Milk Seminar is organized every two years and had the 10th anniversary this year. The Seminar brings to the common platform experts from many countries and of various agricultural sectors like milk control and quality, disease control, grasslands management and animal genetics. 

Hans Stålhammar, Senior geneticist in VikingGenetics was one of the invited speakers in the Seminar and he gave a presentation about balanced Nordic breeding goal and genetic progress of health traits in Nordic countries. 
Doctor Stålhammar also gave a deeper insight into Colombian perspective, as in his speech he was estimating what a Colombian farmer could expect when selecting bulls not only for their production qualities but also for their health traits. As there are high genetic correlations between Nordic countries and some tropical and semitropical countries in production traits and mastitis resistance, the expectation is that a bull with high udder health index would transmit genetically good mastitis resistance for his daughters born in both Nordic countries and in Colombia. 
Suvi Johansson and Hans Stålhammar from VikingGenetics
After seminar speeches, Stålhammar together with Suvi Johansson, Export manager for Latin America, participated in workshops where the seminar participants had a chance to ask questions and get deeper understanding of the topics of the day. 
There were almost 800 people in the seminar, mostly farmers but also some advisors and vets. The discussion was lively, and farmers were happy to get practical advises on how to apply the things they had heard in the seminar into their herds, to improve the profitability of their dairy production. In Colombia there’s an increasing interest in milk solids and also in health traits, and VikingGenetics is very happy to be able to provide best dairy and beef genetic to the farmers of this beautiful Latin American country.

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