NewVikings November 2018 - VikingHolstein

With the new November proof run we present you the newest additions to VikingGenetics' global bull line-up*! Here are the new interesting VikingHolstein sires.

*Please note that the bulls are subject to availability, contact your local distributor to find out more.

VH Ramsey

gNTM +37 genomic
VH River x Penley x Fanatic

Striving to attain unique health and fertility in your cows and at the same time keep a high production? Then VH Ramsey is a bull for you.

VH Ramsey is a bull that so clearly fulfils all needs to nominee as VikingDefence bull. Hoof health at 116, udder health at 109 and general health at 111. Beside these amazing skills, he also provides super female fertility (112) and maternal calving (113) and production at 121.

The sire of VH Ramsey is the well-known and highly used VH River (Reflector x VH Osmus x VH Zac). The dam is right now 130 days after calving and producing 41 kg milk per day with low somatic cell score (149,000) and she is classified VG87. Her dam has an average production of almost 14,000 kg milk

VH Ramsey is bred in the herd of Anton Hammershoej in Stenild in Denmark.

Beta Casein: A1/A2 Kappa Casein: BB

VH Bronski

gNTM +36 genomic
VH Brook x VH Gant x VH Rubak

If you focus on achieving high production from good components and at the same time medium sized cows with strong hooves, then VH Bronski is the right choice.

VH Bronski is the bull that creates extra value in your herd due to his high production level (129) and impressive components (fat kg index 127 and protein kg index 125). On top of this, he is a super hoof health provider (111) and healthy udders (111), and will give you medium sized cows (94). 

The dam is a VH Gant (VH Gejser son) that has just finish 1st lactation with 12,355 kg milk with 4.32 in fat% and amazing 3.92 in protein %. She is classified 84 with VG86 in udder.

VH Bronski is bred in the herd of Henrik Groenne in Vinderup in Denmark.

Beta Casein: A2/A2 Kappa Casein: BB

VH Hotman

gNTM +33 genomic
VH Highway x VH Boogie x VH Bostrup

If improving fertility and calving ability and to get higher components in the milk is your breeding goal, then VH Hotman is the choice for you.

VH Hotman is a bull that will make a difference in your herd at such important traits as female fertility (113), maternal calving (116) and direct calving (109). Beside from this he also gives a high production (121) with impressive components (fat kg index 125 and protein kg index 111).

The sire VH Highway is just about to get his first milking daughters and first impression is very positive (NTM +25). The dam is a high producing VH Boogie (Bookem) from a VH Bostrup (VH Bismark).

He is bred in the herd of Martin Hansen in Roedekro in the south part of Denmark.
X-Vik semen is available.

Beta Casein: A1/A2 Kappa Casein: BB

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