ProCROSS cows improving the bottom line at Casal de Quintanelas farm 

The Casal de Quintanelas farm is located in Sintra, Portugal and has been using the ProCROSS system since 2007. The farm has 370 ProCROSS cows and owner, Antonio Castanhe­ria, took over the farm after managing it for several years.

Having used the three-way crossbreeding system for 10 years, Casal de Quintanelas has become an important reference for farmers in Portugal, and more recently, also for dairymen from Europe. The yearly ProCROSS seminar took place in Portugal this summer. 
Les Hansen, Ph.D., a Dairy Cattle Genetics Specialist from the University of Minnesota, presented the results of the latest study about feed efficiency in Portugal and confirmed that ProCROSS cows are more efficient than pure Holstein cows in converting feed into milk.

This advantage is now added to the list of scientifically proven benefits of ProCROSS cows, and has been demonstrated in practice by farmers such as Castanheira who says that the study of feed efficiency also confirms that they made the best decision 10 years ago when they switched from pure Holstein to ProCROSS cows. 
Castanheria proudly presented the control data they have been collecting for more than 10 years. Feed conversion, production and reproduction data confirm their outstanding performance.

“We have made a lot of improvements in lifetime production and can see higher profits,” he said.  The production numbers of his herd back up his enthusiasm. They have achieved 11,566 kg milk production with 4.21% fat and 3.44% protein as of 20 July 2018.

He has paid very close attention to the numbers in his dairy business.
 “ProCROSS works in practice, and a lot of benefits can be achieved”, he said. 

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