Hoof Health

Since the launch of the hoof health index almost six years ago, we are confident to say that many dairymen around the world are satisfied with the important genetic progress achieved in their herds. 
Alberto Madrid, manager of the Vía Láctea farm located in Lleida, Spain, explains that the hoof health index has a high impact when selecting bulls as sires for the next generation.

“Last time the hoof trimmer came to see 40 animals as a routinely work; 
he put just two bandages, meaning that just two cows had problems with digital dermatitis. 
This is very important for me because I need the cows to walk easily to eat and walk 
to and from the milking parlor”

Alberto Madrid 

The farm imported 140 VikingHolsteins from Denmark in 2014. 
They are using 100% genetics from VikingGenetics. 


The Nordic Total Merit Index (NTM) is the most complete breeding index around the world; it has more than 60 sub-traits combined into 14 main traits that aim for healthy, fertile, high producing and long-lasting cows with good conformation. Results show that selecting for high NTM gives progress in all traits included in the NTM index.
Gustav Kämpe owner of Torpet Farm in Sweden, with 180 dairy cows (60% VikingRed and 40% VikingHolstein) agrees with the success of choosing the top ranked NTM sires.

”We look very carefully at the NTM; 
this is the way you do a long-term breeding plan where you get the possibility to develop your 
production at its optimum at the same time as you breed for healthy cows”

Gustav Kämpe


”We started using VikingGenetics because of how the Holsteins are bred from the NTM system
which has so much data and high reliability. Our Viking cows have been producing 
at a high level and remained healthy, they are such 
good cows to work with” 

 John Hibberson
Numurkah in North East Victoria, Australia