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VikingBeef -
a profitable deal

What if you didn't have to worry about your low performing cows? We have the best solution for your least profitable cows. 

Give your commercial herd a boost with VikingBeef. Get a significant return on your investment with the use of Artificial Insemination (AI) beef bulls on your lower-ranking dairy cows.
The use of beef semen on the dairy breeding plan is a sustainable investment for your cattle farm for the generations to come.

The interest in beef on dairy is overgrowing; hence the breeding plan must be a reliable, profitable option.
With VikingBeef, you will get crossbreed animals (beef x dairy) for beef production that are:

  • Easy calving
  • Easy handling
  • Healthy
  • Has good growth
  • Quality carcass

Breeding programme

Sweden and Denmark have different beef breeding programmes.


Performance testing
175 bulls are tested annually in a station from 7,5 to 12 months. Bulls are weighed every 4 weeks.
Performance testing
180 bulls, 6 different breeds are tested annually in a test station, from 8-13 months. The best bulls are selected 
by VikingGenetics as AI-bulls.
Feed consumption is measured
At the age of 10, 11 and 12 months, the area of the L.D (longest back muscle) is measured by ultrasound. The breeding index, 
S-Index, is calculated.
Daily growth
Bulls are weighted every 2 weeks. Daily growth is calculated into a relative T-figure. Average is 100. Absolute weights are published as birth weight, 200 days and 365 days.
Daily growth, average is 100.
From progeny test in beef herds we get maternal index, production index and calving index and they are weighed together into a TMI.
Muscularity, LD, average is 100.
Calvings on dairy cows
In Sweden we get information of calving ease from the milk recording system on those cows that have been inseminated to a beef bull. That’s good information for those dairy farmers who want to use beef insemination on some dairy cows.
Feed efficiency index for carcass production, average is 100.
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