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18 Apr 2024 - Assentoft, Denmark

VikingGenetics appoints new Chairman of the Board

Anders Levring has been appointed as Chairman of the Board for VikingGenetics, after the company’s General Assembly meeting on 17 April 2024. The Board of Directors also elected Anna Samuelsson and Andreas Johansson as the Vice-chairpersons.

VikingGenetics announced today the appointment of Anders Levring as Chairman of the Board. He will succeed Per-Johan Svensson, who recently stepped down from the position.

Anders is 60 years old and has an extensive background in the dairy and beef cattle sectors. He is a dedicated dairy farmer, milking nearly 500 VikingJersey cows at his farm, Hagenbjerg Jersey, near Fjellerup, Denmark. 

Anders Levring VikingGenetics Chairman

Working to secure farmers' future

As a board member for VikingGenetics since 2008, he has worked tirelessly to guarantee a profitable future for dairy farmers, having several irons in the fire in multiple other organisations in our industry.

Since 2020, Anders has been Chairman of the Board for VikingDanmark – one of VikingGenetics’ member cooperatives. He is also Chairman of Nordic Cattle Genetic Evaluation (NAV), a member of the board in the cattle sector of the Danish Agriculture and Food Council (L&F), and part of the VikingBeef Breed Committee.

In the past, he was Chairman of Danish Jersey (2007 – 2017), President of the European Jersey Forum (2009 – 2017), Vice President of World Jersey Cattle (2010 – 2017), and a member of Arla’s Board of Representatives.

Upon election, Anders Levring said, “On behalf of the entire Board for VikingGenetics, I want to thank Per-Johan Svensson for his hard work. I am humbled to have been appointed as the new Chairman, and I am confident that the choices and investments we have made up to now are taking us in the right direction. I look forward to more collaboration with the Board to create more value for the Nordic farmers.”

“We are committed to our innovative breeding model that secures top genetic progress and a profitable future for dairy farmers in the Nordics and worldwide,” he added.

Anders Levring VikingGenetics Chairman

New Vice-chairpersons

In addition to the chairman, the Delegates of Representatives also elected Växa board member Anna Samuelsson as the new Vice-chairwoman of the Board representing Swedish dairy and beef farmers. Andreas Johansson was also re-elected as Vice-chairman of the Board to represent Finnish farmers.

Since January 2024, Anna has been part of the Board of Directors for VikingGenetics. She is also the Vice-chairwoman of Nordic Cattle Genetic Evaluation (NAV).

Andreas Johansson has been a member of the board for VikingGenetics since 2018 and also sits on the board of the Finnish cattle breeding organisation Faba osk. In the past, he also served as Chairman of the VikingRed Breed Committee.

VikingGenetics Board of Directors

For further information

For further information:

Louise Helmer

CEO, VikingGenetics

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Anders Levring

Chairman of the Board, VikingGenetics

Mobile: +45 4071 7814


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