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2 Oct 2020

Brushes in barns

Brushes installed in the barn help ensure good cow comfort and relieve stress. Studies show that the installation of a brush led to more than a 30% drop in mastitis cases for second- and higher-lactation cows. The reduction of the number of parasites and organisms on the cow's coat is another benefit.

Relieve stress
Brushes are also a natural stress reliever, as cows rely on grooming to help overcome stressful situations. Disruptions in cows’ routines leads to stress. Introducing cows to a new pen, or changes in equipment or employees can cause stress. When a cow is stressed, she may behave unpredictably, presenting a danger to workers. If she senses stress at milking, she may avoid entering the parlour, kick off the cluster, or refuse to let down her milk.

Brushes help keep cows cool
During summer, many free stalls and holding areas have a sprinkler system designed to cool cows. However, cows collect dust, dead hair, feed and manure on their backs. When the mist falls on the cows, this creates a crust, holding in heat and preventing it from dissolving. A cow brush removes this material and enables the sprinkler system to do its job.

Enhancing the cow's environment pays off. Brushes are usually seen as a luxury item. However, increasing cow comfort is not just a luxury – it can be seen in your bottom line.

Source: DeLaval