Best Practices

Follow the five "ONLY" rules

Antimicrobials are essential medicines to control and treat infection in both humans and animals. But they are losing their efficacy at an increasing rate due to overuse and misuse.

As food-producing animal owners  you play a vital role in feeding the planet. You are responsible for providing safe, healthy produce to consumers by looking after the health and welfare of your animals. 

Responsible and prudent use includes implementing practical measures and recommendations aimed at the improvement of animal health and animal welfare, while preventing or reducing the selection, emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance.

Act today to protect the future efficacy of antimicrobials!

# 1 Only use antimicrobials when prescribed by a veterinarian

(or other suitably trained person authorised to prescribe veterinary drugs). Not every infection needs to be treated with antimicrobials.

#2 Only use the dosage and follow length of treatment and withdrawal period as prescribed

Only use when needed, antimicrobials do not cure every infection

#3 Only use when associated with vaccination and hygiene practices

#4 Only obtain antimicrobials from authorised sources

that can ensure the quality of the products.

#5 Apply good animal husbandry, biosecurity and management practices

Animal owners should develop a health plan for their animals with their veterinarian or an animal health professional to protect
them from infection. Keep adequate written records of all antimicrobials used and of laboratory results.

 For more information - visit WOAH website

Source: World Organization for Animal Health.