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The BreedCast - innovative breeding in your ears

Get an insight into the future of cattle breeding. Learn from experts in beef and dairy farming. Listen to The BreedCast—your podcast series on innovative breeding.

Are you running out of time to read all the stories and tips on innovative cattle breeding? How about taking the latest news with you where ever you go—right in your ears?

The BreedCast is a podcast series for dairy and beef producers around the world—produced by VikingGenetics.

We invite experts to share their best tips on how to breed healthy, efficient, trouble-free cows.

Get updated on:

  • Solutions that can help you breed for better fertility, healthier cows, a higher production and a greater quality of life
  • Technologies that can make your dairy or beef business more profitable
  • Future trends on the horizon in innovative cattle breeding

We like to keep the vibe of The BreedCast warm and informal—just like a skilled advisor visiting your farm.

Enjoy the BreedCast - Innovative Breeding in your ears.

Listen to the episodes

Do you have topic for a future BreedCast? We'd love to hear from you!

Episode 1: How to overcome poor fertility

More than 20% of all cow cullings are due to poor fertility and reproductional issues. How can you overcome this in your dairy herd?
Two breeding experts share their experiences from helping farmers with fertility issues around the world. They update you on the latest solutions for better fertility and reproduction—and give you a sneak peek into future genetic technologies in innovative cattle breeding.

Peter Larson, Senior Breeding Manager VikingJersey, VikingGenetics
Claus Langdahl, Senior Breeding Manager VikingHolstein, VikingGenetics

Louise Rønn Svane