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Sexed semen for a profitable and sustainable herd

This is not just another sexed semen straw — this is genetics for healthy and efficient cows for sustainable production.

High-performing sexed semen

Are you looking for ways to intensify your breeding? To get more heifer calves or generate more beef-on-dairy cross calves? Would you like a tool that helps you ensure the best genetic progress and biggest return on investment?

Meet X-Vik™ - your solution in sexed semen

With X-Vik sexed semen, you tap into decades of scientific research and data collection. Behind each X-Vik dose is a world-leading quality control protocol designed in close collaboration with universities and research organisations.

Get consistent results with X-Vik™ sexed semen

  • High gender accuracy - 90% chance of a heifer calf from your best females
  • A 90% relative conception rate to conventional semen
  • Quality control protocol based on one of the largest insemination trials in the world
  • Reliable sexed genetics, proven by dairy farmers in 50 countries


Genetics resulting in a healthy herd

Each X-Vik dose is tailor-made to individual bull’s semen quality. With good herd management your fertility results with sexed semen can equal or exceed conventional results. 

We have always placed health in balanced focus along with production traits in our breeding programmes. Not only do you get a sexed semen straw, but you also get genetics to achieve a healthy, efficient and sustainable herd.

High-quality X-Vik sexed genetics is available for a wide selection of high genetic merit bulls for:

We also offer a good selection of Beef on dairy sires. With Y-Vik beef sexed semen, you have a 90% chance of a bull calf.

From production to sorting, processing, shipment, insemination and reproduction performance in the field - we follow the performance closely and adjust whenever needed.

The production of sexed semen happens at the VikingGenetics bull station in Denmark. The lab is next door to the barn, which allows our staff to perform the highest quality control.

Our lab performs a wide range of semen quality analyses for each batch produced with the goal of providing you with the semen dose with optimal field performance. Some analyses that we perform:

  • progressive and total motility
  • concentration
  • vitality
  • morphology

For evaluations we use the newest technologies such as flow cytometers (concentration and viability) and CASA technology (progressive and total motility). Only the best doses fulfilling strict quality criteria are released for distribution.

Unique quality standards

Our quality standards were set as a result of one of the largest insemination trials in the world, where semen quality parameters were correlated to field fertility results obtained from nearly 200,000 inseminations.

With X-Vik sexed semen you ensure the best reproduction performance in your herd.

Solutions and tools to support you

Rearing too many replacement heifers can be costly. On the other hand, using too much beef semen can also cause problems, as you risk lacking replacement heifers to sustain the herd.

Finding out the right balance and planning how to use sexed semen in an optimal way can be challenging. With a package of products and solutions from VikingGenetics you secure the best decisions for your herd's future.

#1 Make a strategy 

  • Optimise decisions regarding the use of sexed semen and beef matching your herd’s unique goals
  • Get a free guide to plan your sexed semen strategy
  • Estimate the benefits of using sexed semen in your dairy herd - Calculate now

#2 Use high genetic merit bulls

  • Make your cows more resistant to diseases, improve their reproductive capability and milk productivity by using VikingGenetics sires.

#3 Implement your sexed semen strategy in VikMate

  • Identify your best females to breed the next generation and categorize your female animals into different breeding strategies
  • Create tailor-made mating plans with a clear direction and aligned with your herd’s breeding goals

Work side by side with our advisors to develop your herd’s genetic strategy. We help you make the sexed semen strategy based on your herd’s unique goals, identify the best sires and support you in making a complete mating plan.

Want to know more about how X-Vik™ sexed semen can make a difference in your herd?

Estimate the benefits of using sexed semen Make calculation