Available VikingHolstein bulls*

*This is the current top selection of the VikingHolstein bulls. We also have other bulls available, depending on the market area. Please contact your local distributor to find out their current stock. You can find the distributors under menu 'Contact Us'. In the 'Search bull' section you can search bulls by name or herdbook number.
To see the bulls divided into different categories based on their trait performance, you will be directed to VikRank. Bulls are selected into eight different categories to fit your breeding goal. There is also an option to customize the breeding goal in VikingCustomized based on the traits that matter the most to you. All the bulls on the lists are top-ranked in NTM (Nordic Total Merit), meaning that all of them are profitable and ensure balance between health and production. Different weights are put on the included traits and therefore the ranking differs from the NTM list.

The tool is available in different languages from our website. Please contact us to learn more. 
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Breeding values from: 07-01-2020
EPD List
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Herdbook Name NTM Sire Mgs Gmgs Pedigree
45141 +38G VH Goleen Rodgers Bookem
45138 +35G VH Sylvest Balisto D Limbo
260205 +34G VH Baylor VH Ohare BorussiaBY
260474 +34G VH Nolan RC Reflector VH Gregor
257949 +34 VH Odense G-Force D Emmett  
260547 +33G Aragon VH Bosman VH Grafit
257379 +33 Bube VH Salomon Mascol  
259980 +32G Charley SB Silver Beacon
260210 +32G VH Nolan RC VH Cosmo VH Bostrup
259811 +32G VH River Penley Fanatic  
259607 +31G VH Dent RC Fageno D Obo  
257763 +30 Balisto G-Force D Limbo  
259985 +30G VH Gombo VH Foster VH Clark
259982 +30G Levis Malibu VH Lumb
260211 +30G VH Nerd RC VH Blume VH Cup
259816 +29G Charley Commander VH Bynke
260208 +29G VH Monty P Abel Seagull Bay Sargeant
258830 +28G Penmanship Bay Mvp Epic  
259973 +28G Louxor Powerball Massey
259977 +28G VH Manfolk Reflector D Orange
258925 +28G Milford P Balisto VH Eggert  
257954 +28 VH Odense VH Peder Rakuuna  
260204 +28G VH Rozwell VH Clark VH Salomon
258652 +28G VH Sparky VH Meno Rakuuna  
98618 +27G VH Broback VH Gizmo D Etoto  
258184 +25 Balisto Denim Ramos  
98901 +25G Charley VH Cosmo VH Musa
258109 +24 Balisto VH Mandel VH Gotfred  
257050 +24 VH Suarez VH Salomon T FUNKIS  
97796 +23 Halogen D Etoto D Rødding  
257770 +23 Rocky Bookem Man-O-Man  
257238 +22 VH Clark Router Oman Justi  
257241 +22 Predestine D Rom Fibrax  
259970 +22G Styx Red Brekem Alchemy
260546 +21G VH Monty P Powerball Massey