May Proofleaders - The Top NTM Bulls

The May proof run has given us new #proofleaders for VikingHolstein, VikingRed and VikingJersey. See the bull introductions below. 

*Please note that the bulls are subject to availability, contact your distributor to find out more. 


VH Nader

gNTM +44 genomic
(Norland x VH Ramis x Fageno)

New proofleader is VH Nader with an outstanding gNTM +44! Withhim you get fantastic genetic level with high production, in a nice combination with health and fertility. Definitely a great choice for you!

VH Nader breeds super high Production with index 133 with progress both in milk but also in components with Fat % index 116 and Protein % 122 and a strong persistency at 108.

Despite a super production he also breeds progress in reproduction with Calving Ease 115 and Female Fertility 106 and in the health traits with Udder Health 107 and Hoof Health 109. 

His dam – the VH Ramis daughter has not calved in yet. She has been flushed a lot as heifer and VikingGenetics has already now purchased five sons from her including two red Holstein - the VH Ramis daughter is red carrier. Her Fagno dam is a chapter of her own being the first Danish heifer to enter the VikingEmbryo programme where the VH Ramis daughter was made. She is from the herd of Kim Fagerlin in Tjele and has now an average production of 13,900 kg milk with 4.72 % in fat and 3.49 % in protein being classified as VG87. Her own first calf was the top selling sire VH Don Red.

VH Nader is bred at the herd of Vagn Kristensen in Stoholm J in Denmark 

Beta Casein: A2A2     Kappa Casein: BB

VH Manfolk

NTM +30 proven
(VH Mozart x D Jul x D Orange)

If your goal is to achieve higher production level and better health, then the daughter proven proofleader VH Manfolk is a bull to take a closer look at. 

VH Manfolk has today close to 900 milking daughters in his proof and they show that he provides super Production at 127 with good progress both in volume and components. He is outstanding in health traits – Hoof Health 113 and Udder Health 112.  Also, the Calving Ease is good at 114. 

Conformation is interesting with frame 87 – smaller Holstein cows but still in a super balance and providing a super efficiency with Saved Feed at 103. Feet & legs are good and udders are strong.

His sire’s, VH Mozart’s dam is a high producing D Jul daughter with an average of 14,200 kg milk with 3.87 % in fat and 3.57 % in protein. Her dam is a strong VG85 D Orange daughter with average production of 14,500 kg milk

VH Manfolk is bred at the herd of Claus Fenger in Odder in Denmark. There is X-VIK semen available

Beta Casein: A2A2     Kappa Casein: AB


VR Fanof P  

gNTM +35 genomic
(VR Flake P x VR Ejstrup x R Facet)

Are one of your main breeding goals polled animals? In that case VR Fanof P is a bull you must use in your herd, since he is the best polled red bull in the whole world!
Half of the offspring will be polled but all the daughters will have a very high potential for Production (124) with some good solids in the milk and a superior Young Stock Survival (121). It is combined with good female fertility, longevity, milking speed, feet & legs together with easy calvings.   

If you try to say the name VR Fanof P. It sounds like “We are fan of polled”, and we are very happy for polledness when it is in combination with one of the best genomic red bulls in the world. When he was born nobody and any idea that he would be world famous. He is from a normal insemination and the third calf from a good cow. The dam is now in her fifth lactation and still going strong. 

VR Fanof P was bought by VikingGenetics because of his good NTM index, and nobody knew he was polled on that time. It turned out that the sire VR Flake P was polled and luckily VR Fanof P had also got the polled gene. 

The sire VR Flake P (NTM +25) is a proven sire with 882 milking daughters so far. The first three sons after VR Fanof P are now over 10 months old and have got their official indexes. They are all polled and in the top of the NTM list with the best one at NTM +40.        

The breeder is Torben Stolshøj Pedersen, Denmark

Beta Casein: A2A2     Kappa Casein: AB

VR Froerup

NTM +42 proven
(VR Faber x R Fanfare x R Gazelle)

Are you the type that like a good all-round bull that will give you good daughters for your herd? Then, you should definitely use VR Froerup in your herd.
VR Froerup has a super all-round profile that will give you magnificent daughters with a super combination of super high Production (125) and Milkability (117) together with great Female Fertility (114) and Udder Health (112). A combination most farmers can only dream about. Top spice it up, his daughters have a great persistency (122), good growth, general health and longevity. They will get a big frame with good body depth and chest width together with great fore udder attachment and udder depth.    
When bulls get older, they normally go down in indexes, not like red wine that gets better over time. VR Froerup is one of the few bulls that is like a good bottle of red wine. He just gets better over the years! In the years, while waiting for his daughter proven results to come in, his indexes kept going up. In February this year he took a jump up in NTM with the first 82 daughters in his proof and in this round with 111 milking daughters in his proof, he took a new jump and beat the magical limit of NTM +40 with an amazing NTM +42!
The dam of VR Froerup is stilling going strong and is today in her fifth lactation. In average over four years she has given 11,509 kg milk with 3.62 % protein and 5 % fat. In her third lactation she is classified as 86-81-82-84. The granddam got sick after her third calf and was only milking for just over two years, but the great granddam was in the herd for over six years, so a good longevity gene run in the family.       
The breeder is Ole Nielsen, Denmark.

Beta Casein: A1A1     Kappa Casein: AA
VR Froerup daughter no 31634-2873 from Terkel Frandsen, Denmark


VJ Chief

gNTM +28 genomic
(VJ Choko x VJ Hilario x DJ Hulk)

If you are focusing on high net merit, high production of milk solids, fertility, health and superior udders, then you should definitely have to look at the new VikingJersey top bull, VJ Chief. 

VJ Chief is among the VikingJersey breed leaders for production of solids. Breeding value for kg fat is 116 and 113 for kg of protein. VJ Chief has positive breeding values for Female Fertility (105), Udder Health (108), General Health (108) and Longevity (107) and he is a breed leader for Udder conformation (123).

VJ Chief breeds nice open ripped daughters, a little taller than average. Udders are extremely well attached, both in front and at rear. Ligament is very strong, and udders are very shallow (120). Placement and thickness of teats are ideal.
The dam of VJ Chief is “Haugstedgaard Hilario Caroline” classified as VG87. 

Average of two lactations is: 7,625 kg milk with 6.01% fat and 4.34% protein
VJ Chief is our first son of VJ Choko. VJ Choko (gNTM +17) is a VJ Lobo son out of an VJ Havdal daughter. VJ Chief is an outcross to all North American pedigrees. 

The breeder is Peter Høj, Haugstedgaard Jerseys, Broby, Denmark. (Breeder of FYN Haug, DJ Broiler, VJ Hoj and many more)

Beta Casein: A2A2            Kappa Casein: BB         JH1 Free              Triple aAa: 561

VJ Gislev      

NTM +24 proven
(VJ Hihl x VJ Lure x Q Zik)            
If daughter proven is essential to you, then have a look at the VikingJersey daughter proven proofleader, VJ Gislev.

VJ Gislev is in the absolute elite when it comes to production (119) and kilos of solids (119 protein and 116 fat) based over 1,000 milking daughters. Female Fertility (101), Longevity (108) and Udder Health (114) are also amongst the VJ Gislev trademarks. The 440 classified daughters document that VJ Gislev breeds nice open ripped daughters a little higher than average, strong legs with steep foot angle and very shallow udders (111). They also have strong ligament and ideal teat placement (overall mammary is 106).

The dam of VJ Gislev, “Raastrup Lure Hanne”, is a high yielding VJ Lure daughter in her 6th lactation. Average production in her five 305-day lactations is 9,435 kg milk with 6.26 % fat and 4.54 % protein. Both maternal GD and MGGD had average productions over 8,100 kg milk.

The breeder is Klaus Ole Jørgensen, Gislev, Denmark.

VJ Gislev is the sire of VJ Gutz with gNTM +22, VJ Giant with gNTM +26, VJ Garant with gNTM +23 and VJ Gates with gNTM +16.
Beta Casein: A2A2        Cappa Casein: BB         JH1 Free      aAa: 342
VJ Gislev daughters: daughter no 37865-4238 from Jørgen Kjølby, Denmark
and no 37865-4205 from Jørgen Kjølby, Denmark

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