Hoof health index

In our NTM (the Nordic Total Merit Index), there are two traits that focus on hoof health:

· Hoof Health index (registrations from hoof trimmers)
· Sub-trait ‘Feet & Leg problems’ under the General Health index (registrations based on veterinarian reports)
Hoof health in NTM
The Hoof Health index in NTM was introduced in 2011, while the data registrations from hoof trimmers
on hoof disorders had already begun back in 2003. Nordic countries were the first in the world to introduce a hoof health index. Having almost 15 years of experience with breeding for better hoof health we are very 
proud of our achievements. 

The Hoof Health index describes the bull’s daughters’ genetic ability to resist hoof diseases. The Hoof Health index includes 10 hoof disorders grouped into 7 sub-traits:
The Hoof Health index is calculated based on hoof health records made by hoof trimmers in the first three lactations. Electronic hoof trimmer data are the newest source of disease data. 
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