What's in it for me?

You may wonder, how much reduction in hoof diseases you can expect from selecting a sire with a breeding value (EBV) 120 for Hoof Health? Here you can find the answer. 

A bull with a breeding value 100 equals population average for the breed. Based on phenotypic values for VikingHolstein, VikingRed and VikingJersey % difference relative to breed population average or a bull with EBV 100 for 7 sub-traits in the Hoof Health index is calculated.  

Disease reduction - bull with EBV 120

  VikingHolsteinVikingRed VikingJersey 
Sole ulcer
 -77%  -66%   -22% 
Sole hemorrhage
 -20% -40%  -10% 
Heel horn erosion
 -33%  -45%  -20% 
Digital and interdigital dermatitis
 -27% -31%  -34%
Verrucose dermatitis and Interdigital hyperplasia 
 -70%  -76%  -36% 
Double sole and white line
Cork screw claw