Available VikingRed bulls*

*This is the current top selection of the VikingRed bulls. We also have other bulls available, depending on the market area. Please contact your local distributor to find out their current stock. You can find the distributors under menu 'Contact Us'. In the 'Search bull' section you can search bulls by name or herdbook number.
To see the bulls divided into different categories based on their trait performance, you will be directed to VikRank. Bulls are selected into eight different categories to fit your breeding goal. There is also an option to customize the breeding goal in VikingCustomized based on the traits that matter the most to you. All the bulls on the lists are top-ranked in NTM (Nordic Total Merit), meaning that all of them are profitable and ensure balance between health and production. Different weights are put on the included traits and therefore the ranking differs from the NTM list.

The tool is available in different languages from our website. Please contact us to learn more. 
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Breeding values from: 03-12-2019
EPD List
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Herdbook Name NTM Sire Mgs Gmgs Pedigree
38094 +34G VR Viljar Kamouraska Rockstar R Fastrup
37535 +33 VR Tuomi R Haslev R David  
48035 +32G VR Viljar VR Hambo Ullimulli  
38049 +32G VR Wookie VR Crone VR Filip  
48089 +30G VR Utu VR Fonda P VR Flame
99891 +30G VR Viljar VR Faabeli Yllyke
38050 +29G VR Flake P VR Ejstrup R Facet  
38091 +28G VR Abraham VR Lazer R Harvard
38142 +28G VR Filur Pellpers R Facet
38038 +27G VR Birka R Fanfare R Erik  
47989 +27G VR Flake P VR Grimsby Yllyke  
48086 +27G VR Viljar VR Feton VR Tuomi
37789 +26G VR Faber R Fanfare R Gazelle  
99958 +25G VR Faabeli Buckarby S Signal  
48128 +25G VR Hashtag VR Farmari VR Tuomi
37888 +25G VR Vimur R Pellpers R Fastrup  
46305 +24 G Edbo H.Ponnistus P.Osandur  
48070 +24G VR Lorenzo VR Niki V Föske
48037 +24G VR Wonder VR Vimpula VR Husky  
99846 +23G VR Hjusticia VR Niki R David  
99894 +23G VR Tequila VR Wand VR Fimbe
38100 +23G VR Viktor VR Lazer R Harvard
37887 +22G VR Fonseca VR Uudin ET R Fastrup  
37719 +22 VR Favre VR Fergus St Hallebo  
99882 +22G VR Wonder VR Vimpula Pellpers
47960 +21G VR Edison VR Boxer R Record  
37121 +21 R Fastrup Gunnarstorp Orraryd  
99811 +17 VR Uudin ET VR Truls Orkko  
38014 +16G VR Birka VR Viro VR Cigar  
47818 +16G VR Hielke VR Uudin ET VR Fergus  
37850 +15G VR Aatami Buckarby R David  
99725 +13 VR Tuomi V Föske Sale ET