Available VikingJersey bulls*

*This is the current top selection of the VikingJersey bulls. We also have other bulls available, depending on the market area. Please contact your local distributor to find out their current stock. You can find the distributors under menu 'Contact Us'. In the 'Search bull' section you can search bulls by name or herdbook number.
To see the bulls divided into different categories based on their trait performance, you will be directed to VikRank. Bulls are selected into eight different categories to fit your breeding goal. There is also an option to customize the breeding goal in VikingCustomized based on the traits that matter the most to you. All the bulls on the lists are top-ranked in NTM (Nordic Total Merit), meaning that all of them are profitable and ensure balance between health and production. Different weights are put on the included traits and therefore the ranking differs from the NTM list.

The tool is available in different languages from our website. Please contact us to learn more. 
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Breeding values from: 06-10-2020
EPD List
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Herdbook Name NTM Sire Mgs Gmgs Pedigree
304865 +28G VJ Choko VJ Hilario DJ Hulk
304882 +27G VJ Nibali VJ Gislev VJ Pick
304819 +26G VJ Gates VJ Lago VJ Pick
304577 +26G VJ Gislev VJ Lutz DJ Hulk  
304721 +25G VJ Svitzer VJ Hickey DJ Zuma
304608 +24G VJ Gislev VJ Lappe VJ Idi
304604 +24G VJ Hjorri VJ Huzar DJ Hulk  
304860 +23G VJ Hirts VJ Gislev VJ Roman
304832 +23G VJ Hawk VJ Livius VJ Hihl
304771 +23G VJ Klov VJ Hilario DJ Hulk
304827 +23G VJ Lasky VJ Perez VJ Tester
304607 +22G VJ Huus VJ Hickey DJ Zuma  
304831 +22G VJ Lutter VJ Hizzi VJ Link
304171 +21 VJ Hihl VJ Lure Q Zik  
304862 +21G VJ Hodja VJ Perez VJ Tester
304828 +21G VJ Lasky VJ Perez VJ Tester
304614 +20G VJ Dau VJ Jotur DJ Izzy  
304717 +20G VJ Luck VJ Hjort DJ Beo
304612 +20G VJ Hitman VJ Link DJ Hulk  
304550 +20G VJ Perez VJ Husky DJ Holmer  
304654 +20G VJ Willem VJ Libero DJ Holmer
304820 +19G VJ Gurre VJ Hilario DJ Hulk
304581 +19G VJ Lejby VJ Link DJ Hulk  
304580 +19G VJ Lobo DJ Lix VJ Tester  
304720 +18G VJ Samson VJ Hjort DJ Jason
304613 +17G VJ Haare VJ Holmark VJ Tudvad  
304302 +17 VJ Jern VJ Zolt DJ Hulk  
304605 +17G VJ Lobo VJ Janko DJ Zuma  
304715 +17G VJ Samson VJ Hazard VJ Lure
304650 +16G VJ Haare VJ Hihl DJ Izzy  
304158 +16 VJ Lappe DJ Zuma DJ Jason  
304130 +16 VJ Pick DJ Hulk Q Impuls  
304415 +15G VJ Hove Irwin Q Hirse  
304906 +11G Magnus P VJ Hiwe VJ Hilario
304783 +10G Listowel P VJ Husky DJ Lix
304784 +10G Listowel P VJ Lure VJ Hilario