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Press releases

VikingGenetics joins the Global Climate Task Force

ProCROSS releases ranking index

Feed efficiency takes a major step forward

Three large cattle breeding cooperatives in Europe intent to merge

Assentoft, Denmark. 12th April 2021

VikingGenetics launches The BreedCast

Assentoft, 01 March 2021

VikingRed leading the green path with a new strategy

UK, 03 February 2021

VikingGenetics´ feed efficiency tech commended in prestigious award

Assentoft, Denmark.

Lower vet costs and fewer stillbirths with ProCROSS

Assentoft, Denmark.

New three-way crossbreeding for UK

Leading AI companies in Europe join forces

Birmingham, The United Kingdom

VikingGenetics to market health, oestrus and calving alert system

Assentoft, Denmark

Artificial intelligence makes cows more feed efficient and climate-friendly

Assentoft, Denmark

VikingGenetics taking actions to avoid spreading of COVID-19

Assentoft, Denmark

New genetic index for herds engaged in crossbreeding

Assentoft, Denmark

VikingGenetics focuses on reducing methane emissions at herd level

Assentoft, Denmark

VikingGenetics' female genomic testing now available in the UK

Assentoft, Denmark

Indian ministry plants Gandhi tree at VikingGenetics

Assentoft, Denmark

VikingGenetics and Jersey Cattle Society UK sign a strategical agreement

Assentoft, Denmark

VikingGenetics appoints Henrik Biilmann as new CEO

Amsterdam, Holland

10-year study shows crossbred dairy cows are more profitable

Assentoft, Denmark

VikingGenetics launches a third subsidiary, this time in Germany

Rennes, France

Evolution takes part in VikingJersey breeding program

Victoria, Australia

VikingGenetics is improving dairy life through Fertility First

Assentoft, Denmark

VikingDefence™ supports the reduction of antibiotics in dairy cattle breeding

Birmingham, The United Kingdom

VikingGenetics launches unique Youngstock Survival index

Skara, Sweden

VikingGenetics expands its business in the UK