NewVikings August 2019 - VikingJersey

With the August proof run we reveal new and interesting bulls available in our lineup! See the VikingJersey bulls below. 

*Please note that the bulls are subject to availability, contact your local distributor to find out more. 
VJ Svick
gNTM +23
VJ Svitzer x VJ Hickey x DJ Zuma
Is health, workability and milk solids part of your strategy, then have a look at VJ Svick. VJ Svick is among the breed leaders for udder health with EBV 112, fat & protein percentages (114 & 117) and workability (108 temperament and 106 milking speed).
In addition to outcross, you will get longevity and daughters of average stature with exceptional rear udders, ideal teat size and rear teat placement.
The dam, “Ravninggaard Hickey Bente” has just finalized her third 305-day lactation. Average lactation production has been 8,885 kg milk with 6.24% fat and 4.53% protein.
VJ Svick is our first VJ Svitzer son. VJ Svitzer (+18) is a VJ Stiz out of a VJ Izmir daughter. MGD is VJ Hickey (NTM +22) a Q Hirse out of a FYN Lemvig daughter. He’s an outcross to most international pedigrees.
The breeder is Ole Sørensen, Ravninggaard Jerseys, Denmark.
Kappa Casein: BB, Beta Casein: A2A2, JH1 Free, aAa 561
VJ Luxi
gNTM +22
VJ Luck x VJ Hjort x DJ Beo
If you are looking for an ideal combination of health, longevity, workability and type, then have a look at VJ Luxi. VJ Luxi breeds good udder health with EBV 113, hoof health (109) and general health (105). Longevity is EBV 109 and both workability traits and production traits are at a high level. All in all, VJ Luxi is what most breeders are looking for.
VJ Luxi breeds daughters of medium stature with strong parallel legs, shallow well attached udders and ideal teat placement.
VJ Luxi is our first son of VJ Luck (+22 and VJ Libero out of a VJ Pick daughter) combined with the VJ Husky son VJ Hjort (+12). He’s a true outcross to most international pedigrees.
The dam, Alstrup Hjort Karin, is in her third lactation. Her average yearly production is 7,550 kg milk with 6.02% fat and 4.16% protein. Both MGD and MGGD have milk production on the same high level with even higher percentages.
The breeder is Bent and Lars Olesen, Alstrup Jerseys, Brønderslev, Denmark.
Kappa Casein: BB, Beta Casein: A2A2, JH1 Free, aAa 546
VJ Svaza
gNTM +21
VJ Svitzer x VJ Hazard x VJ Tester
Focusing on production and strong functional type, then you definitely have to look at VJ Svaza. VJ Svaza is a breed leader for Frame/Body capacity (128) and F&L (118). Fat index is 125 and overall production index is 123.
VJ Svaza breeds tall daughters with good body depth and lots of dairyness (121). Legs are very parallel (123) and foot angles are steep. Udder attachment is very strong and rear udders are high and wide. Teat placement is ideal.
VJ Svaza is an ET bull out of the heifer called Dunkær Hazard Lise. The dam has not calved yet. MGD and MGGD are known for high percentages (7.23% fat and 4.95% protein, and 6.37% fat and 4.44% protein).
VJ Svaza is our second VJ Svitzer son. Nearly 100% Danish Jersey genes and a true outcross bull. 
The breeder is Bent Juul Sørensen, Ærø, Denmark
Kappa Casein: BB, Beta Casein: A2/A2, JH1 Free, aAa 561

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