VikingAcademy 2017 – Embracing the goals together

VikingAcademy 2017 took place in Copenhagen, Denmark with participation of our network of international distributors. Our guests came from Spain, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Holland, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, Lithuania, Croatia, France, Czech Republic and Estonia.

The managers of our subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and Australia, our Export Managers and the members of VikingGenetics leading group also took part in the activity.
“Your presence and active contribution with your experiences and ideas are highly appreciated”, CEO Rex A. Clausager, said when addressing his welcoming presentation. “Working together to add value to your business is important for us,” he added.

Our breeding program, data registration, workshops, healthy cows, sales, marketing and innovative tools were some of the main topics at the session. Amy Hazel, Junior Scientist from the Department of Animal Science from the University of Minnesota was one of the guest speakers.
Hazel is part of the team carrying out the 10-year trial on ProCROSS in the United Sates. She explained the registration system in the United States and the challenges they are facing in relation to inbreeding. Also, our Head of Breeding, Lars Nielsen gave a complete explanation of VikingGenetics’ breeding program.

Our Export Manager Jan Andresen presented an updated version of VikRank. “VikRank is developed to find the absolute best bulls that suit each country and each farmer. It is also a tool that you can use in a very simple way, to avoid inbreeding”, Andresen explains.

Meantime, Export Manager for Spain and Latin America, Suvi Johansson gave a presentation about VikMate, a mating tool that controls inbreeding and gives dairymen the ultimate breeding plan to ensure the best genetic improvement in their herd. “The VikMate mating program will help farmers make optimal mating to create future generations”, Johansson states.
Guests satisfied with the meeting

“It was really nice to get to know more about VikingGenetics’ reliable registration and it is important for us to really understand the difference to other companies”, Sally Alvaréz, from the Ayrshire Association of Colombia, says. “We are here to take tools and information with us and use to help our customers. It's also an excellent opportunity to meet other distributors and learn from each other”, she adds. 

VikingAcademy is an exceptional moment for VikingGenetics managers and distributors around the world to learn from each other while discussing new ideas and tendencies; a common place to be recharged, get inspiration and share good company.
“I had a perception that I was going to come here and listen to things I have heard before, but I learned a lot of new details. The presentations were very informative, I am heading back home to Ireland, and I am a lot more positive”, Tom Baker, Eurogene AI Services, Ireland.  

Overall, VikingAcademy 2017 was a place where those who have a passion for VikingGenetics could learn more about how to make the cooperation even better, to enrich the dairy farmers around the world. Next meeting will be during the fall in 2019. 

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