south african visitors in denmark

VikingGenetics welcomed a group of 11 persons from South Africa last week to Denmark. Chris Cloete and Johan Muller from our agent Genimex asked nine farmers to join the group and see and hear more about our breeding and genetics. The group visited both Holstein and Jersey herds and the head office in Assentoft so they could see both top bulls and excellent cows and herds.

The visitors were happy to see the high level of genetics, management and production. All the farmers have some experience of Viking bulls but now they had the possibility to see also the genetics and cows in our environment.
Left: Morten Hollensen, the sire analyst in VG, explains about the Viking breeding program to Johan Muller and Dian Landman.

Right: Jens Jensen explains about farming to South African visitors
Marilize Wasserman, Jersey breeder from South Africa
Marilize Wasserman works as a senior herd manager in her father’s farm in South Africa. In the farm, Marilize is responsible for cattle, breeding and feeding. They milk about 1,200 purebred Jerseys. The average production is 17.5 kg milk / cow / day. Cows are in grazing system year round, but during the winter season, they get silage.

“The most important traits when we select the bulls are udder conformation, body capacity and solids, both fat and protein” tells Marilize. She is very happy to see the capacity of Danish Jersey cows. They have succeed very well with fertility: only 1.56 inseminations are needed per pregnancy.

“My first impression was really good bodies and components of Danish Jerseys” Marilize says. “I didn’t expect so high production with your cows!”

“We have used many VikingJersey bulls in our herd. It is nice to see the daughters of VJ Husky and VJ Hilario here in Denmark in production. I wait a lot of VJ Haley and VJ Rodme daughters.” The next bull she is going to use in their herd is VJ Quintana which is very good choice for their herd.
Pierre Naude, Holstein breeder from South Africa
Naude family has a Holstein herd of 400 milking cows in South Africa in Cape area. Pierre Naude is responsible for the cows and the breeding. The cows are in TMS system. Sometimes the temperature can be very high, close to +40 degrees and heat stress can be a problem.

Since 2015, the breeding policy in the Naude herd has focused on breeding for the most economical traits like quality of milk and components. Also udder health and fertility are important.

“We used a lot of D Sol in our herd and we have been very happy with them. The daughters have very good fertility and we have got them all pregnant.” Pierre tells. They have 56 D Sol daughters in their herd. Recently, the cows have been inseminated with VH Brook and VH Bernell.

“It was nice to see the Holstein cows in Denmark. Their production level is very high, so the genetics have to work. It was also nice to visit the herd where D Sol was born and see the animals and management system there.”
Left: Jaco Scholtz, Hendre Terblanche and Marilize Wasserman visiting Bent & Lars Olesen Jersey herd

Middle: Pierre Naude with Per Warming, the breeder of D Sol

Right: Marilize Wasserman with Danish Jerseys in Lars & Niels H. Pedersen Jersey herd

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