Breeders Behind the Viking Sires - VH Grejs & Niels Schmidt

The herd of Niels Schmidt in Branderup, Denmark has been breeding for high NTM for 30 years and VH Grejs is the “icing on the cake” after their dedicated work.

When VikingGenetics stopped by at Niels Schmidt’s farm a sunny day in April, he and the son, Jorgen, lead the way into the barn. Here we first meet the dam and granddam of VH Grejs; two very nice cows, that are not only good-looking, but also contribute in an excellent way to the herd’s milk production – for example, the dam – a VH Bostrup x Bismark cow – has milked 14,665 kg milk in 1.4 years with 1,200 kg fat and protein in total. 

Her dam was genomically testet by coincidence. The Viking breeding advisor in the herd, Sara, came to the herd with a list of animals for genomic testing some time back, and this female was not on that list, but Niels insisted to do a test. He had a good feeling about her. It turned out that the cow increased 10 units to NTM +25, and when she had her calf, this was also tested with fine results. This lead to an embryo contract that resulted in a bull calf; VH Grejs.
The granddam of VH Grejs
VH Grejs
The icing on the breeding work

Niels Schmidt is a very modest man. However, he is proud of having delivered a bull of this quality to Viking: “Of course, I am proud that VH Grejs is bred in our farm. In a way, this is the icing on the cake after 30 years breeding work for me”, Niels says.

Niels has 160 Holstein cows in the barns, and he breeds for high NTM. He tests all his heifers and for his herd he has focus on healthy and long-lasting cows with good udders. In 2015, the new barn with cubicles was finished – the cows needed more space to improve udder health and cell count. Luckily, this worked. In addition, he and Jorgen experience better hock quality, and less problems with legs. To fill up the new barn, Niels needed more heifers, so he reduced the use of beef breed semen, but will increase again when necessary.
The new barn with sand in the cubicles that – among other – improved the hock quality of the cows.
In the herd in Branderup, Niels and his son Jorgen will continue the good breeding work that recently resulted in an amazing bull for VikingGenetics. VH Grejs is good for wide use in the herd and breeds high production, fantastic calving ease and good udder health.
Niels Schmidt:

Dairy farmer with his son Jorgen in Branderup
160 Holstein cows
Yield: 10,400 kg ECM
Niels is part of the LD project with genomic test of all females

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