november proofs - VikingHolstein

VH Monty P – “and now for something completely different”
Milford P x Balisto x VH Eggert
gNTM +34

A famous quote from the Monty Python's is a good way to introduce the new polled star from VikingGenetics! Not only is VH Monty P heterozygotic polled, but he is also with his gNTM +34 among the best bulls of the breed. A really appealing breeding profile with lots of production, good health and fertility and functional conformation with exceptional udders. His dam is VG88 and so is the grand dam, the VH Eggert cow. Both of them with average yearly production above 12,000 kg milk. He is bred by Thomas Andreasen in Lintrup in the Southern part of Denmark.
VH Byron – Milk & Speed
VH Bushy x VH Sergio x D Jul
gNTM +27

VH Byron is the product of several years of good and solid breeding work. VH Bushy is a VH Basil x VH Grafit, VH Sergio (VH Service) as maternal grandsire being one of the highest daughter proven bulls with NTM +24 and the famous D Jul – the production specialist. When looking at his breeding profile you are not in doubt about the power behind this bull including lots of production and fast milking speed. Something extraordinary in breeding profile but even more in adding new blood line with focus on reducing inbreeding. He is bred in the herd of Sven and Kjeld Pedersen I/S in the Western part of Denmark.

VH Baylor – a cow family with strength
Battlecry x G-Force x VH Bismark
gNTM +33

VH Baylor is bred at the well-known Anderstrup Holstein herd in Denmark. This is a herd that has been delivering several good bulls for VikingGenetics and from the same family as VH Baylor you find the half-brother VH Dent RC (Debutant) and the VH Bismark is the dam of VH Oure (VH Osmus).
Outstanding production of 17,000 kg milk in first lactation and VG89 that is accomplished by the G-Force dam. VH Baylor will give you high production, super conformation, good health and easy calvings.

VH Leyton – VikingHolstein superiority
VH Lot x VH Rubak x VH Service
gNTM +31

VH Leyton is bred in the herd of Per Laursen in Roslev in Denmark. Maybe this name sounds familiar to you because this herd has delivered other good bulls such as VH Chacca (VH Clement) gNTM +27 and VH Nerd RC (Nugget RC) gNTM +30 within the last years.. Notable that these bulls are all from different cow families – an impressive breeding work!

VH Leyton’s sire is VH Lot (VH Lumb), maternal grandsire VH Rubak (S Ross) and behind VH Service, you will find D Cole, who is the sire of VH Clark. Several bulls with “Hall of Fame” potential.

VH Leyton will give you cows with superior health and reproduction, milk with high content and good strength in conformation and perfect udders.
VH Carlton – THE combination
VH Cosmo x VH Miracle x VH Cup
gNTM +28

Two of the most appreciated bulls during the last years are nicely united into one in VH Carlton. The sire VH Cosmo being the outstanding VH Clark son and VH Miracle as maternal grandsire. The dam has produced 10,000 kg milk in first lactation and please notice the components at 4.9% in fat and 3.9% in protein - close to 9% solids! She is on top of this classified VG86.

VH Carlton has the same ability to breed high components. Reproduction and health is outstanding and so is the milking speed, temperament and conformation. He is bred in the herd of Vivi Poulsen in the island of Mors in the Northern part of Denmark.

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