november proofs - vikingred

VR Filur
VR Fonseca x VR Uudin x R Fastrup
gNTM +28

VR Filur is the best son of VR Fonseca. His dam was flushed as a heifer and gave only bull calves. Today the dam is in her first lactation and she is still among top three in NTM among the daughter group of VR Uudin. Her first lactation was more than 9,000 kg milk with 4.8% fat and 3.5% protein. 

VR Filur is a high component sire with kappa casein status BB. He is good in functional traits, milkability and temperament. He breeds good body capacity and great udders suitable for robot milking. VR Filur has succeeded very well in X-Vik production.

The breeder of VR Filur is Eskild Grabow Olesen, Denmark.
VR Viljar
VR Vimur x VR Niki x Ullimulli
gNTM +29

The dam of VR Viljar, sired by newly proven bull VR Niki, was bought as an embryo to the Kuusela farm. She is out of the famous Lakiala cow family owned by Sakari Oksanen, from where VR Uudin originates. The cow family is a family of successes, and the MGD of Viljar is the sister of VR Uudin. She was sold to the ASMO nucleus herd where she was flushed several times. 

The dam of VR Viljar was flushed twice as a heifer on a contract with VikingGenetics, first with VR Lazer and then with VR Vimur, the latter becoming VR Viljar. There are also heifers with high, genomic test results out of these flushes on the farm. The dam of VR Viljar is an “invisible cow”. The first lactation was not in top for production even though with great components 5.0% fat and 4.1% protein. She had twins some weeks ago and after her second calving, she has started with 50 kg daily production. 

VR Viljar has a very balanced proof. He is high in components, good in daughter fertility and excellent in udder health. He breeds tall daughters and optimal body coordinates, great feet and legs and remarkable udder. VR Viljar is now living in Denmark to produce X-Vik semen. 

The breeders of VR Viljar are Kati and Ari Luukkonen, Finland.
Asmo Luckykymppi (VR Niki) Dam of VR Viljar owner Kati and Ari Luukkonen
VR Fabu
VR Faabeli x Buckarby x S Signal
gNTM +28

The breeder of VR Fabu is Åkerbrit Ullevi AB, Sweden. The dam just had her second calf and during the first lactation, she has milked over 9,000 kg milk with 4.3% fat and 3.7% protein. The grand dam is a great producer with an average of three lactations of more than 12,000 kg milk with 4.0% fat and 3.6% protein. The great grand dam milked for four lactations with average of more than 10,000 kg milk.
VR Fabu is a high component sire with easy calvings and great daughter fertility. He is very good in all health traits, especially udder health. He breeds average in size, good in feet and legs as well as udder conformation.

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