Søren Borchersen becomes a new Chairman at EuroGenomics 

As of November 1st 2017, EuroGenomics Cooperative has a new Chairman: Søren Borchersen (Head of R&D at VikingGenetics, Denmark) has taken over the responsibility from Xavier David (General Manager of ALLICE, France). Xavier has been involved in EuroGenomics since 2009 and was one of the founders of the collaboration. 

Together with the Management Board, he will continue the development of EuroGenomics as a driver of bovine genetics and network platform for its members. VikingGenetics is honored to have Søren Borchersen as a new Chairman of EuroGenomics and hopes for continued fruitful cooperation among the members of the EuroGenomics Cooperative.  
EuroGenomics Cooperative is a European cooperative consisting of seven key players aimed at driving progress in bovine breeding by:
  • exchanging genomic data in the Holstein breed – the joint European reference population
  • improving genomic evaluation techniques
  • increasing the effectiveness of bovine breeding.
Within the cooperative, the partners focus on driving genetic progress by:
  • genotyping for breeding and herd management;
  • sharing of genetic data for reliable traits;
  • performing applied research;
  • genomic evaluation of animals based on the joint European reference population.

For high reliability of breeding values

The official genomic breeding values based on the EuroGenomics reference population are the most reliable predictions of a bull’s breeding qualities under European production systems. Starting in 2009, Holstein cattle breeders in Europe have opted to pool their genomic data into the reference population of EuroGenomics. This is now the largest one in the Holstein breed with more than 34,000 genotyped bulls all daughter proven across Europe.
The EuroGenomics efforts increased the reliability of genomic breeding values in 11 countries comprising more than 10 million of Holstein cows: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Poland, France and Spain.
VikingGenetics finds this kind of cooperation across European borders very beneficial, as thanks to this cooperation the European breeding associations are able to stand stronger together. By combining the reference population of Holstein cows from 11 European countries ensures that the data that is behind the breeding values is of highest quality & reliability possible and bull’s breeding qualities being tested under European production systems.
A significant improvement of genomic prediction can be achieved through cooperation between countries by combining reference data. For instance, there is an increase in reliability of the genomic breeding values for production of 11% due to this cooperation.

Among the key benefits:

  • higher accuracy and reliability of genomic breeding values
  • more accurate base to make decisions in breeding on the herd level
  • breeding values for the bulls tested under European production systems
  • joint efforts for research & development to drive progress in bovine breeding
  • avoid repeated genotyping and save money by sharing information on animals  
More about EuroGenomics: www.eurogenomics.com/

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