VikingGenetics at BCBC conference - Breeding as a tool to reduce the use of antibiotics

Yesterday, our Head of Breeding, Lars Nielsen, gave a presentation about the successful Scandinavian breeding programme as one of the speakers invited by the British Cattle Breeding Club (BCBC) for their Annual Winter Conference in Telford, UK.
Lars Nielsen talking about the successful balance between health and production; the breeding experience of Scandinavia.
Nielsen presented the Scandinavian knowhow regarding breeding for healthy and productive cows, keeping focus on the best profitability for the dairy farmers, he also explained the Nordic Total Merit index (NTM) and the unique registration system that the Nordic countries have.
Nielsen also showed statistics regarding the incidence of diseases such as Mastitis for Sweden, Denmark and Finland compared to the UK. The Nordic countries being the ones with the lowest use of antibiotics in Europe, his presentation was of immediate interest to the audience of about 100 people from different corners of the beef and dairy industry in the UK. The cattle breeding sector in the United Kingdom is now putting more effort in reducing the use of antibiotics on cows.
With the title ”Farming & Genetics – Let’s inspire the next generation”, the BCBC included Nielsen’s presentation on the ”Health and Welfare – the key to a profitable future” chapter. This year, the BCBC is celebrating 70 years of its foundation.

”The programme has been put together to showcase the leading-edge technologies, our industry is developing to compete on a world stage, including genomics, gene editing and new ideas”, Chairman Andy Dodd, commented. 
Lars Nielsen (left) the Head of Breeding at VikingGenetics and Chris Stone (right) Area sales Manager and Cross Breeding Specialist at VikingGenetics UK. 


Lowest use of antibiotics in the world

The Nordic countries are perceived as a “paradise” with the absolute lowest use of antibiotics in the European Union and in the world. The Nordic tradition in breeding for healthy cows is reflected in the latest report from the European Medicines Agency (EMA), from 2016: “Sales of veterinary antimicrobial agents in 29 European countries in 2014”. 

EMA is a decentralised body of the European Union with primary responsibility for the protection and promotion of public and animal health. According to EMA, Sweden, Finland and Denmark are the EU countries with the lowest use of antibiotics in livestock, far ahead of other countries.

VikingDefence is the solution that combines all the health traits that we have been breeding for in the Nordic countries for decades. Our bulls have been selected to breed high producing and healthy cows. They breed daughters with a natural defence against diseases - VikingDefence. 

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