Torre Santa Maria farm optimises management with genomic test on females

Torre Santa Maria has started to see the benefits to make genomic test on all the females.

Torre Santa Maria, owned by the Baptista family, has one of the biggest Holstein herds in Spain. Located in Lleida, the Torre Santa Maria farm is an excellent VikingGenetics’ ambassador that shows other farmers how the VG breeding programme works. 

Having inseminated the herd with VikingHolstein for several years under the management of Joan Baptista, the family recently decided to go one step further in optimising their dairy business and started to genomically test females on the NTM (Nordic Total Merit) scale.
Joan Baptista, owner of Torre Santa Maria farm in Spain
“By testing females genomically, you get more reliable breeding values and your selection of best females is more accurate,” Claus Langdahl, VikingGenetics Breeding Manager, says. 

So far, 139 females have been tested which has given Torre Santa Maria a unique opportunity to optimise management decisions on their herd, Langdahl explains.
“It is really comforting to see that all the time and money spent on breeding is now also confirmed on paper - in terms of good breeding values, and it’s something that we have already been noticing on the farm for some time,” Baptista says regarding the good results his females achieved on the genomic test. 

“Using genomic selection on your females together with X-Vik sexed semen on your top heifers, will ensure the highest possible progress of your herd. For the lower ranked females, you can use conventional or beef semen,” Langdahl says.
Top NTM heifers

The 139 genomically tested females also revealed very interesting top NTM animals; the best heifer sired by VH Cosmo having gNTM as high as +30. “VikingGenetics would like to congratulate Torre Santa Maria for their breeding work, and wishes all the success also in the future”, Suvi Johansson, Export Manager for Spain states.

About Torre Santa María
1,800 VikingHolstein cows
11,800 kg
35 employees 

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