Higher reliability with this index run

New proofs came 6th February and the Nordic Cattle Genetic Evaluation (NAV) have added more females in  the reference groups for all breeds for the traits female fertility, calving ease, birth index, general health, hoof health and longevity. This means higher reliability for these traits and therefore we see some rerankings of the bulls.

Top VikingHolstein bulls

VH Badger gNTM +36
(VH Bruce x VH Booth x VH Zico)

A new VikingHolstein top bull has appeared with impressive +36 in NTM and a fantastic combination of really high production, super udder health, good calving ability and female fertility. He is bred at Bo Skovbjerg Nielsen from Vrå in the Northern part of Denmark. His sire VH Bruce is a Balisto son and his dam is the no. 1 VH Booth daughter with NTM +31. VH Booth himself the top daughter proven bulls with NTM +26 with high reliability. The dam was flushed already as a heifer and is also the dam of VH Stilo (VH Story son) with NTM +29. She is classified VG86 and her dam – the VH Zico (O Zenith) is VG88.

VH Badger
VH Sylvest gNTM +30 
(VH Sparky x VH Meno x Rakuuna)

VH Sylvest is a VikingDefence™ bull to the core and he is great for production too! That is the incredible truth about VH Sylvest. Besides from that, he is fantastic in female fertility, calving ease and exceptional in health – all health traits above 112. A super bull that will make a positive impact in your herd! 

He is bred at Martin Kristensen in Tarm in Western Denmark. The dam – VH Meno (Massey) was flushed as a heifer with VH Sylvest being the outcome of that. Today she has produced for 2.1 years with a yearly average above 12,000 kg milk and is classified VG87.

VH Sylvest
VH Solvind gNTM +26
(VH Skipper x VH Bynke x D Rødding)

Health traits around 120 being two standard units higher than average. That should catch your attention if you are breeding for healthier and economically better Holstein cows. Take a close look at VH Solvind’s profile. Besides from health, he is strong in reproduction and a good conformation with average sized cows – appealing profile and a pedigree that is not seen elsewhere. 

He is bred at Jesper Thomsen in Fjerritslev in the Northern part of Denmark. The VH Bynke cow is also the dam of the top NTM bull VH Bradoc at +30.

VH Solvind

Best of the VikingRed

Getting the female phenotypic data for lots of new traits included into the RDC reference group for this evaluation makes the genomic values more reliable. This brings also a bit more reranking than usual right now.

The podium place, gNTM +30, is shared by three sires. VR Herbert and VR Filur have been lately the most popular ones at home market but VR Hopkins (VR Horton x VR Haltia x A Linné) is a new comer from Sören Röndbjerg, Denmark. He comes from the same cow family as VR Cigar, VR Fonseca, VR Fontain and VR Hilbert. VR Hopkins is a high component sire with good fertility and udder health.

VR Herbert gNTM +30
(VR Hjusticia x VR Niki x R David)

VR Herbert’s breeder is Herbertssons Lantbruk, Sweden. The dam has been a donor in VikingEmbryo program. She is an average size cow having the first lactation records 9000 kg milk with fat-% 5.0 and protein-% 3.9. The MGD has four lactations the latest being almost 12,000 kg milk with components fat-% 4.2 and protein-% 3.2. 

VR Herbert is a sire of great production capacity with high components. At the same time, he is positive in all heath traits. He is average in size, good in udder conformation and excellent in feet and legs.

VR Herbert
New comers
This time we got some interesting new progeny proven sires as well. The best of them is VR Wand NTM +23 from Lövsta gård, Sweden. He was heavily used at home market as GenVikPLUS sire and today being popular for global market. He is a sire with good production, easy calvings, nice type and good udder health. Two Fimbe sons, VR Fabio and VR Faabeli have NTM +21 according to their first progeny proof. VR Fabio is once again a sire from Sören Röndbjerg. Fabio gives high components, great fertility and easy calvings. VR Faabeli whose breeders are Arto and Eija Hinkula, Finland, has more than 400 daughters in his proof. He is a good production sire with easy calvings and good udder health.

Increased deviation on Jersey proofs

Adding cow data to the genomic Jersey reference for the above mentioned traits, has increased reliabilities on the breeding values. An effect of this is that standard deviation also increases and the bulls are not as close and best bulls are at a higher level. 

Bulls still breed the same way, but breeding values are more reliable and it is easier to distinguish between bulls. 

Top bulls are VJ Hero NTM +28 (VJ Hazard x VJ Joker), VJ Quintana +27 (VJ Rodme x DJ Zuma) and VJ Lutter +26 (VJ Lago x VJ Tester).

VJ Hero
Also, note the new up-comers with NTM levels up to NTM +30. Semen is not available, but production has started on those between 10 and 12 months. Especially the VJ Haley and the VJ Perez sons look extremely interesting. 

VJ Janko and VJ Huzar are still top daughter proven. Had hoped VJ Rodme and VJ Hoj had been finally daughter proven, but we will have to await until May. VJ Rodme has 370 daughters in milk and VJ Hoj has 300 daughters – and it they look very promising.

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