VikingDefence delivers proven results 

VikingDefenceTM is the proven solution to breed healthy and high-producing cows. VikingDefence bulls are the top bulls in our line-up for breeding daughters with good fertility and production plus a natural defence against diseases.
There are five proven VikingHolstein bulls in the VikingDefence line up: VH Clark (NTM +27), VH Gustav (NTM +22), VH Sparky (NTM +21), VH Oure (NTM +20) and VH Mindoro (NTM +18). Below you can see how much disease reduction these five bulls deliver on average, together with figures for production, reproduction performance and longevity compared to the population average for the breed. 

 Disease / group of disorders

 Disease reduction compared to population average

 Disease frequency - Population average

 14% less
 Early reproductive disorders
 18% less
 Late reproductive disorders
 12% less
 18% less
 Other metabolic disorders
 13% less
 Sole ulcer
 39% less
 Sole haemorrhage
 10% less
 Heel horn erosion
 16% less
 Digital dermatitis
 19% less
 White line separation
 17% less
 Corkscrew claw
 12% less

*Frequency of hoof disorders – Data for Holstein in Denmark.

Stronger health is achieved without compromising on production. On average, the five VikingDefence bulls produce 10,424 kg milk in 305 days, which is 151 kg more than the population average for the breed. Solids are kept on the same high level for VikingDefence bulls – 4.0% fat and 3.4% protein. 


 Average for five VikingDefence bulls

 Population average

 Kg milk 305 days
 10,424 kg
 10,273 kg
 Kg fat
 417 kg
 412 kg
 Kg protein
 356 kg
 347 kg
 % fat
 % protein
 Days in production from 1st calving to end of 3d lactation
 893 days / + 75 days
 818 days

The five VikingDefence bulls have excellent reproduction performance, especially for cows – the number of days open is reduced by 8 days compared to the population average and the conception rate for cows is 52%, two %-points higher than the population average. They also have easy calvings with only 2.97% difficult calvings and very good calf survival with 93.5% in the first calving. 


 Average for five VikingDefence bulls

 Population average

 Interval from calving to first insemination, cows
 78 days
 80 days
 Interval from first to last insemination, heifers
 25 days
 25 days
 Interval from first to last insemination, cows
 42 days
 48 days
 Conception rate, heifers
 Conception rate, cows
 % difficult calvings, sire, 1st lact.
 % calf survival, sire, 1st lact.

* Data for Holstein in Denmark.

VikingDefence bulls deliver proven results and reduce health problems in your herd without compromising on production. VikingDefence bulls help reduce your herd costs –  by cutting labour and veterinary costs, less money spent on prevention and treatment, reduced culling and lower health-related production losses. Together with improved reproduction performance and excellent production levels, VikingDefence bulls will improve the profitability of your dairy business and contribute to greater job satisfaction. 

VH Clark

10,765 kg milk, 3.80% F, 3.36% P
  • 60% less sole ulcer
  • 50% less digital dermatitis
  • 28% less ketosis

VH Gustav

10,175 kg milk, 4.13% F, 3.44% P
  • 46% less sole ulcer
  • 28% less mastitis
  • 27% less early reproductive disorders

VH Sparky

10,175 kg milk, 4.21% F, 3.48% P
  • 37% less sole ulcer
  • 25% less mastitis
  • 19% less double sole & white line separation

VH Oure

10,536 kg milk, 4.01% F, 3.41% P
  • 37% less sole ulcer
  • 17% less ketosis
  • 20% less double sole, white line separation & cork screw claw

VH Mindoro

10,470 kg milk, 3.86% F, 3.37% P
  • 22% less ketosis,
  • 19% less early reproductive disorders
  • 18% less other metabolic disorders

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