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Here we present you the latest additions to our international VikingHolstein bull lineup! The bulls are new genomic bulls with great breeding profiles. 
VH Snake
gNTM +33 genomic
Sniper x Commander x VH Bynke
Are you striving to attain unique health in your cows, along with keeping high production? Then VH Snake is a bull for you.

VH Snake is a bull you should definitely have a closer look at! He is able to breed cows with exceptional udder health (120) and hoof health (114), alongside high production (116) and super attached udders.

The dam has in 1.1 year produced a yearly average of 15,400 kg milk with 1,080 kg fat and protein, and is, at the same time classified VG88. Her dam – the VH Bynke daughter is even more impressive with 18,200 kg milk in average and classified VG87.

VH Snake is bred at the herd of Anderstrup Holstein in Skoerping in Denmark. X-VIK semen is also available.

Beta Casein: A2/A2       Cappa Casein: BB                
VH Bueno
gNTM +33 genomic
VH Bolus x VH Barkhol x V Exces
If you wish to focus on achieving high production from good components, along with medium sized cows with strong hoofs, then VH Bueno is the right choice.

VH Bueno is the bull that creates extra value in your herd due to his very high production level (123) and impressive components (fat % index 111 and protein % index 123). In addition, he is a super hoof health provider (117) and produces fast milking cows (114) that are both calm and easy to handle (116). What is not to like?

VH Bueno’s sire - VH Bolus, has his daughters starting milk production now with very promising results. The dam is a VH Barkhol (VH Byrial-son) that has an average production of 11,900 kg milk and classified VG87.

He is bred at the herd of Gaardsted Højaard I/S in Loegstoer in Denmark.

Beta Casein: A2/A2       Cappa Casein: BB                
VH Gade
gNTM +30 genomic
VH Gofeet x Massey x V Ersgard

Is improved daughter fertility, high components and optimal size part of your breeding strategy? Then VH Gade is the solution.

VH Gade is a value creator when it comes to reducing costs in your herd. His balanced health and fertility profile, combined with high components (Fat % 120, Protein % 114) and medium sized cows (Stature 103) guaranties you efficient cows.

His dam is a high producing Massey daughter that, up until now, has produced for 5.4 years with average yearly production of more than 13,000 kg milk and classified VG87. It is not often that we see cows at this age provide sons at genetic top level, but the quality of this cows’ family is inevitable. Also proven from the D Cole son VH Cost, who is the half-brother to the Massey cow and is today daughter proven at NTM +21.

VH Gade is bred at the herd of Martin Byskov Jeppesen in Karup in Denmark.

Beta Casein: A1/A2       Cappa Casein: AB                
Additional mention:

VH Benaro
gNTM +32 genomic
VH Brook x VH Gant x G-Force

Are you looking to enhance production and fat and protein in particular? In that case VH Benaro is the solution for you.

VH Benaro can definitely make a difference in your herd. With a fat % index at 139 and protein % index at 133 he will make huge improvements in your herd when it comes to making high components. In addition, you get super VikingDefence traits that will ensure you healthy cows.

The sire, VH Brook is himself up in the very top of the NTM ranking with +35. The cow family is known from also having created famous bulls like VH River (NTM +37), VH Rozwell (NTM +34), VH Beluga (NTM +32) and VH Okore (NTM +32)

VH Benaro is bred at the herd of Morten Hansen in Vraa in the Northern part of Denmark. 

Beta Casein: A2/A2       Cappa Casein: BB                

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