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August proofs are here! Here we present you the latest additions to our international VikingRed bull lineup! The bulls are new genomic bulls with great breeding profiles. 
VR Hopkins
gNTM +27 genomic
VR Horton x VR Haltia x A Linné

If your goal is to combine good production with average size, the answer is VR Hopkins. He is a component specialist by 113 in Fat % and 127 in Protein %. He is also an easy calving sire with 105 in Calving direct index. He has got great milking speed 113 and udder coordinates suitable for robot milking.

VR Hopkins is out of the same family as VR Cigar, one of our most popular proven sires at global markets. He was a top seller at home market as well some years earlier being a genomic sire at that time. VR Cigar’s dam was heavily flushed before slaughtering. The breeder of VR Hopkins bought part of a flush and got a female who later became the dam of VR Fonseca, VR Fontain and VR Hilbert and the grand dam of VR Hopkins. The dam of VR Hopkins is also the dam of VR Boris. Her first lactation is more than 9,000 kg milk with components 4.5% fat and 3.6% protein. MGD and GMGD have both average of more than 10,000 kg milk with high components.

VR Hopkins is out of a flush that also gave two high quality full sibs having flush contracts right now. The sire of VR Hopkins, VR Horton, is from the same farm as VR Hopkins. VR Horton was never on daily plan but the breeder believed on the bull and used him for some of his best females. 

The breeder is Søren Røndbjerg, Give, Denmark.
VR Hopkins also has X-Vik available.

Beta Casein: A2/A2       Cappa Casein: BB                
VR Goran
gNTM +25 genomic
VR Grolle x VR Vinyyli x St Hallebo

Is improved health your goal, then VR Goran is the right sire to be used in your herd. He is positive in all heath traits and highest in udder health with index 110. Exceptional health profile is combined with excellent production 9,301 kg milk and high solids 4.43% fat and 3.60% protein. 

The dam, 864 Sirella, is a great producer with an average of two lactations 12,500 kg milk with components 4.4% fat and 3.9% protein. Both MGD and GMDG have stayed in the herd for five lactations and had a high average yield. VR Goran has a halfsib (sired by VR Faber), who is a first calver and promising bull dam. VG has recently bought her bull calf out of VR Lego.

The breeder is Göran Holgersson, Listerby, Sweden.

Beta Casein: A1/A1       Cappa Casein: AE                
VR Foreca
gNTM +27 genomic
VR Fiat x VR Tuomi x Ullimulli

If you are looking for higher components in your herd, the choice should be VR Foreca, who is extreme in both fat-% and protein-%. His fat % index is 126 and protein % 139, the highest of all VR sires. VR Foreca gives also good female fertility (107) and health. 

The dam Kirveli is a great cow both in NTM and in conformation, classified excellent after her second lactation. The udder health is also one of her strengths. Her average yield for two lactations is more than 9,000 kg milk with components 4.8% fat and 4.0% protein.

The breeders are Markku and Marjo Pajala, Latoniemi, Finland.

VR Foreca has X-Vik semen available.
Beta Casein: A2/A2       Cappa Casein: AA                

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