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August proofs are here! Here we present you the latest additions to our international VikingJersey bull lineup! The bulls are new genomic bulls with great breeding profiles. 
VJ Garant
gNTM +28 genomic
VJ Gislev x VJ Janko x VJ Hilde

Is improved daughter fertility, udder health and components is part of your strategy? Then VJ Garant is the solution.

VJ Garant will improve percentages, udder health (110), fertility (110), longevity (106) and the workability traits. Furthermore, his daughters are expected to be very tall with good body capacity and steep foot angles. Udder attachment will be exceptional and VJ Garant is a breed leader for shallow udders. Teat placement is ideal as well.

VJ Garant is bred in the Agerdal Jersey herd, owned by Palle Agerdal, Oestervraa, in the northern part of Denmark. VJ Garant is the first bull coming from Agerdal Jerseys, and he is topping the ranking in the VJ Gislev group (Gislev being a VJ Hihl son). VikingGenetics has five sons of VJ Gislev, with NTM values between +22 and +28. 

The dam of VJ Garant, the VJ Janko daughter no. 937, has just ended her fist 305 day lactation with 5,500 kg milk with 5.15%fat and 3.92% protein. The dam is scored VG87. VJ Garant is only 14 months. He is used heavily as sire of sons. The gene distribution is 62% Danish genes, 35% US and 3% NZ genes.

Beta Casein: A2/A2       Cappa Casein: BB                
VJ Hawk
gNTM +31 genomic                                 
VJ Haley x Topeka x DJ Hulk

If you focus on achieving high components, improving udder health and conformation in your breeding strategy, then VJ Hawk is the bull that you should absolutely consider. VJ Hawk will increase the production of solids (Kg fat 120, Kg protein 121) and at the same time ensure good udder health (111). Daughters are expected to be tall, open ribbed and with straight top lines. Udders will be very well attached (both fore- and rear udders) and udders will be shallow. Teat placement will be ideal.

The dam of VJ Hawk, no. 52354-02024, is a daughter of the American bull Heartland Merchant Topeka. As such, VJ Hawk contributes with top genetics from leading Jersey populations. 55% of his genes are Danish, 39% are American and 6% are NZ.

VJ Haley has shown exceptional ability to breed outstanding sons, with VJ Hawk, VJ Hirts and VJ Heavy all being NTM +28 to +31. 

The dam of VJ Hawk has been milking for two years, with a yearly average of 8,290 kg milk with 6.41% fat and 4.50% protein. The dam is scored VG86.

First flushing’s are made with VJ Hawk, to breed next generation of top animals.

VJ Hawk is bred in the Rundkærgaard Jersey herd, owned by André Van Weerdenburg, Rødding, Denmark. The breeder bought the GGD of VJ Hawk, from the breeder of VJ Lure (GGD is a sister to VJ Lure). André Van Weerdenburg also bred VJ Svitzer (VJ Zummit x VJ Izmir) out of the same family. 

Beta Casein: A2/A2       Cappa Casein: BB                
VJ Hodja
gNTM +31 genomic
VJ Hjorri x VJ Hihl x DJ Give
If you strive to improve udder health and daughter fertility without compromise on production, choose VJ Hodja. VJ Hodja is a breed leader for F&L (120) and he is a big improver of fertility (110), udder health (108), longevity (109) and udders as well. Daughters will be of medium stature (105), as we like it. Note that VJ Hodja will bring the rear teats a little apart from each other – he breeds optimal for this trait.

VJ Hodja origins from the VikingGenetics Nucleus herd. The dam of VJ Hodja is bred by John Trædholm, Overgaard Jerseys, Gelsted. The dam was flushed several times with exceptional results. Embryos has been sold both domestically and for export. Unfortunately, she was never pregnant.

The sire of VJ Hodja, VJ Hjorri is a VJ Hjort son out of a DJ Holmer dam. VJ Hjorri has sired two sons, both over +30 NTM.

VJ Hodja has just entered the domestic market and he is ready to conquer the Jersey world

Beta Casein: A1/A2       Cappa Casein: BB          

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