August Proofs - New Proofleaders

August proof run has given us new proofleaders for VikingHolstein, VikingRed and VikingJersey. Here we present the best of each breed, both genomic and proven bulls with high NTM values


VH Don Red
gNTM +37 genomic
VH Dent RC x Fageno x D Obo

Are you looking to attain higher lifetime production, better health, and female fertility without compromising the production? Then the new VikingHolstein proof leader VH Don Red should be your choice.

VH Don Red will make big impact in your herd. He provides super reproduction coming from female fertility (111) and maternal calving ease (110), as well as Udder Health at 114 and production at impressive 124. An amazing longevity at 128 will ensure you high life-time production. As the name indicates, he is a Red Holstein bull.

The dam was the first Danish born heifer to enter the nucleus program “VikingEmbryo” and she is today an extremely high producing cow with average at 15,000 kg milk and 1,200 kg fat and protein and classified VG89.

The proud breeder of VH Don Red is Kim Fagerlin from Tjele in Denmark.

Beta Casein: A1/A1       Cappa Casein: AB                
VH Cosmo
NTM +30 proven
VH Clark x Router x Oman Justi

Are you aiming to achieve average sized, high producing cows that are easy to breed back and with problem free hooves? Then take a look at VH Cosmo.
The VikingHolstein proof leader VH Cosmo is with his +30 in NTM an exceptional bull. Hoof health at 117, female fertility at 115, milking speed at 115 and production at 121. He is indeed a leader! 

He currently has more than 1.600 milking daughters, and out of those almost 500 classified. This will give you highly reliable information about his breeding profile.
It is also interesting to notice that the sire of VH Cosmo (VH Clark) is the third highest daughter proven bull with NTM +26. Better foundations are not possible!

The dam is a VG89 Router daughter with high producing at almost 13,000 kg milk in average with 4.22% fat and 3.76% protein. 

VH Cosmo is bred at the herd of Michael Jensen in Hammel in Denmark.

X-Vik semen is available.

Beta Casein: A2/A2       Cappa Casein: AA                


VR Guidett
gNTM +30 genomic
VR Grolle x VR Hammer x VR Fergus

If you are looking to combine good yield with high components, and top udder health with fast milking speed, VR Guidett is the right sire for you. He is 113 in udder health and 122 in milking speed. He also gives good height for cows, high udders with good attachments and great feet and legs. 

The dam of VR Guidett, 309 Julia, is from a cow family with nice udders. She is classified with 88. MGD is classified with 87 and GMGD had 92 in udder after five calves. These cows produce milk with high components. Dam and MGD are still going strong and the GMGD is also alive and pregnant, ten years old and has produced eight calves.

The breeders are Anders Martinsson and Katarina Löw, Sweden. 

Beta Casein: A1/A2       Cappa Casein: AE                
VR Thiago
NTM +33 proven
VR Tuomi x R Haslev x R David

VR Thiago is a special sire for being able to beat most of the younger ones with his progeny proof. His NTM is rank 3 of all VR sires. If you need milk volume VR Thiago is a safe choice with Kg milk index at 127. He also breed daughters with easy calvings (Calving maternal 119) and good fertility (108). Furthermore, his feet and leg evaluation is outstanding (117) combined with excellent hoof health (118).

VR Thiago is from a good looking R Haslev cow of whom Viking has bought two bull calves. The GMGD sired by R Ascona has been a “Health Cow Prize Winner” at the 2014 Agromek and made a total of 8 lactations. The home farm is one of the highest producing organic farms in Denmark having mainly Holstein cows. 

The breeder is Lars Remme Larsen, Denmark.

Beta Casein: A2/A2       Cappa Casein: AB                


VJ Hodja
gNTM +31 genomic
VJ Hjorri x VJ Hihl x DJ Give
If you strive to improve udder health and daughter fertility without compromise on production, choose VJ Hodja. VJ Hodja is a breed leader for F&L (120) and he is a big improver of fertility (110), udder health (108), longevity (109) and udders as well. Daughters will be of medium stature (105), as we like it. Note that VJ Hodja will bring the rear teats a little apart from each other – he breeds optimal for this trait.

VJ Hodja origins from the VikingGenetics Nucleus herd. The dam of VJ Hodja is bred by John Trædholm, Overgaard Jerseys, Gelsted. The dam was flushed several times with exceptional results. Embryos has been sold both domestically and for export. Unfortunately, she was never pregnant.

The sire of VJ Hodja, VJ Hjorri is a VJ Hjort son out of a DJ Holmer dam. VJ Hjorri has sired two sons, both over +30 NTM.

VJ Hodja has just entered the domestic market and he is ready to conquer the Jersey world

Beta Casein: A1/A2       Cappa Casein: BB          
VJ Hazard
NTM +22 proven
VJ Hickey x DJ Izzy x VJ Lectio

Are you looking to attain higher life-time production and improve general health and components? If so, VJ Hazard is the solution. VJ Hazard is a newly daughter proven bull. 

VJ Hazard is an improver of longevity (109) and General health (113). With his Production index at 121, VJ Hazard will deliver excellent results in milk yield, especially fat. Daughters will be of medium stature with exceptionally good capacity, parallel legs and good udder attachment. Teats will have ideal size and the rear teats will be placed as we like it (not too close).

VJ Hazard is out of Ravninggaard Hickey Bente, bred by Ole Sørensen, Ravninggaard Jerseys, Ribe, Denmark. The dam has been milking for 3.6 years with a yearly average of 8,650 kg milk, with 6.30% fat and 4.22% protein.

The sire of VJ Hazard is VJ Hickey (Q Hirse x FYN Lemvig), and VJ Hazard is our best VJ Hickey son. As the dam’s results indicate, VJ Hazard will increase percentages. His production proof is based on 400 daughters milking. VJ Hazard combines some of the most dominant bulls used in the Danish population – Q Hirse, Q Impuls and FYN Lemvig. Use this alternative and very strong sire line up to improve genetics in your herd.

Beta Casein: A2/A2       Cappa Casein: AB          

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