NewVikings November 2018 - VikingRed

With the new November proof run we present you the newest additions to VikingGenetics' global bull line-up*! Here are the new interesting VikingRed sires.

*Please note that the bulls are subject to availability, contact your local distributor to find out more. 

VR Fanof P

gNTM +30 genomic
VR Flake P x VR Ejstrup x R Facet

If you are looking for polled cows, you have now the opportunity to make them with the best polled red sire of the world. VR Fanof P is heterozygous polled and rank 8th of all VikingRed sires. He has high components (protein kg index 118, fat kg 114) and good figures in all fertility traits (Daughter fertility 109). He inherits average size with great feet and legs and udders suitable also for robot milking with fast milking speed (125).

When you speak the name VR Fanof P out loud, you almost say “We are fan of Polled”. VR Fanof P is out of a dam who just got her 4th calf and is still going strong. The previous top sire from the same herd is VR Donato who has been one of the most sold VR sires on the export market for some years.

VR Fanof P will be available also as X-Vik. 

The breeder is Torben Stolshøj Pedersen, Denmark.
Beta Casein: A2/A2 Kappa Casein: AB

VR Best

gNTM +28 genomic
VR Birka x R Fanfare x R Erik

Is your breeding goal high yield (Production index 118) combined with longevity? Then you should select VR Best. He is also positive in all fertility, health and functional traits. That is evidently the reason for excellent longevity (121). He gives great feet and legs and super rear udders with average size.
VR Best got his name because he had the best gNTM ever when he was bought to the VR breeding scheme. His dam is on her fourth lactation and is doing better and better for each lactation, the latest being more than 13,000 kg milk with components fat-% 4.1 and protein-% 3.9.

The breeder is Peter Hoffman, Denmark.

Beta Casein: A2/A2 Kappa Casein: AB

VR Elektro 

gNTM +22 genomic
VR Edison x VR Boxer x Record

If hoof health is important in your herd the right sire to use is VR Elektro with index 122. He also gives trouble free life for farmer with very easy calving cows (Calving maternal index 120). VR Elektro inherits average size (Stature 100) with good feet and legs as well as udders.

The dam Kiviojan Luxus originates from Aleksi Kivelä’s herd. In the nucleus herd, she produced altogether 32 embryos, of which VR Elektro is one. There is another sire VR Hype, coming from the first calving of Luxus. The dam is now producing milk in the Luke research herd barn.

VR Elektro has a good stock of sorted semen available.

The breeder is Milkkivei Oy, Finland.

Beta Casein: A2/A2 Kappa Casein: BE

VR Elektro and his dam 

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