Successful VikingOnTour launch in Russia

VikingGenetics in cooperation with our partner in Russia International Genetics Rus held two successful VikingOnTour events in Russia.
There were two events: one in Omsk (supported by local Ministry of Agriculture and Agriculture University) and one in Nizhnij Novgorod (supported by the Regional Institute of Management and Economics of Agriculture). The focus was on how VikingGenetics can help the Russian dairy farms improve health in the herds through breeding and management. 
About 200 participants attended the first event in Omsk and 70 participants joined the seminar in Nizhniy Novgorod. In the events VikingGenetics export manager, Olga Smirnova talked about the Nordic breeding philosophy and how genetics and breeding help achieve balance between production and health. 
Kirsi Vartia, a vet from Emovet, Finland, talked about dairy cattle health in Nordic countries and shared the best management practices to ensure good health and reproduction in the herds.  

“We support our customers with high-quality advice regarding breeding and management. We truly believe that best management practices, together with an excellent breeding goal, can increase the profitability of dairy farms” says Olga. 

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