Productive dairy breakfast in Chile

VikingGenetics is adding value to Cooprinsem´s offer to Chilean dairymen. Last week Cooprinsem, VikingGenetics’ distributor in Chile, held their annual Breakfast Event “Desayuno Lechero” with 250 invited customers. Suvi Johansson, Export Manager of Viking for Latin America, gave a presentation in the event. In her presentation, Johansson focused on VikingDefence, the new trademark of Viking for excellent genetic health. 
Viking bulls marked with a VikingDefence logo are superior for health traits, especially for udder health, hoof health, and general health. This way it is easy for a customer to choose the bulls that are the best transmitters for good genetics, and therefore enforce the total profitability of their herd. 
The Breakfast Event is traditionally held in connection with the SAGO Fisur show in Osorno. In the show, there are always some animals, like cattle and horses. This year, there were also some daughter groups bred by Viking bulls. The heifers exhibited were from VikingHolstein sires VH Basten, VH Sleeman and DRH Flex, as well as by VikingJersey sires: VJ Rodme and VJ Hazard; and VikingRed sire, R Harvard. 

Here are some pictures of the heifers:
VikingGenetics is a leading provider of balanced genetics which combines excellent production and high milk solids with a wide variety of essential health traits. “We are happy that through Cooprinsem, a strong cooperative with the biggest market share in Chile, the world’s best health genetics is available also to Chilean dairy farmers”, Johansson states. 
Suvi Johansson (in the middle) with the owners of the heifers in Viking’s progeny groups

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